5 Hand Creams That Will Get You Through Winters

5 Hand Creams

Winter is the most favourite weather that brings cold and frizz indoors and outdoors. Hot tea, cozy blanket, and heavy coat become the best friends in this season. With a lot of fun and coziness, winters also come with few of the skin concerns. Dryness, patchy and flaky skin is the biggest problem in winters. Eventually, hands are more likely to be prone to dryness as it comes to the exposure every single time. What you exactly need to do is hydration, nourishment and pampering your hands. Try to keep your hands moisturized as much as possible and the best way to keep them nourished is hand cream.

Hand creams prevent dryness and your hand no longer feels like sandpaper. It makes your hands moisturised and nourished the whole day so that you won’t feel embarrassed while shaking the hands. However, women who mostly work in the kitchen with tap running water, hand creams can be a saviour for them in preventing harsh and super dry skin. Although, choosing the hand creams is another difficult task, as you are investing in a product make sure to select the best one according to your skin.

Along with hand creams and lotions you need to schedule a regular manicure at the salon to keep them hydrated. You can now book a prior appointment with the online salon booking app in a jiffy and visit there at scheduled time. 

Now, without any delay, here’s the list of the best 5 hand creams for this winter in India.

  1. Nivea hand cream soothing glycerine and olive

Nivea has a wide range of lotions, creams and moisturizers for winter season at a super affordable price.

Most affordable hand cream that you should get into your regime. This has light textured formula, non-greasy, and quickly absorbs into the skin. Along with the best formulation, it has long lasting moisturization effects that keep your hands moisturized the whole day. This wonder product from Nivea is pocket friendly and ideal for firm believers in practical beauty. The best product you can get at this price. It makes your hands super soft and won’t dry if the application is done twice a day- morning and before sleeping. 

75 ml at INR 90

  1. Kama Ayurveda hand cream

What’s better than a natural and hydrating hand cream? Well, this super creamy hand moisturizer from Kama Ayurveda is a blend of Natural and Ayurvedic formula that’s 100% safe and effective. No harmful chemicals, ingredients, and formulation involved in this. Totally natural, pure and organic hand cream to have this winter in your pocket. Cold pressed coconut oil, almond oil, Vitamin A and E is used as well as aloe vera gel that keep the skin ensured. It has a non-greasy, absorbent and hydrating formula that has a rich smooth surface.

60 gm at INR 725

  1. Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream 

A trusted brand that formulates effective products for all skin types and concerns. A hand grounded cream for winters that extremely hydrate, nourish and pamper the skin. This hand cream contains glycerine that locks the skin in moisture and treats dried and cracked hands. Even after the frequent hand wash it remains moisturizing. The effective and nourishing hand cream that has a great aroma and blend of formulation. This cream is successful for dry and flaky skin even in harsh winters when you freeze. Daily application of this cream keeps your hand beautiful after the winter as well.

56 gm at INR 349

  1. The face shop daily perfumed hand cream

This hand cream from face shop is best for those who have sweaty and oily hands even in the winters. The non-greasy formula of this hand cream moisturizes and nourishes your hand quickly. This won’t feel sticky and quickly absorbs into the skin without any residue left on the skin. The super smelly, soothing, subtle and also long lasting formula feels fresh and active the whole day. It makes your hand soft and supple effectively so that you don’t experience dry and patchy hands. As the name says, it has perfume that gives you an intense feeling.

30 ml at INR 350

  1. Mcaffeine naked and raw mattifying coffee hand cream

Mcaffeine has all the products that induce coffee into it so in this hand cream. This coffee induced hand cream that’s something different you can’t experience before. It keeps your hand soft and supple the whole day with non-greasy and super absorbent formulation. The super ingredients in this cream hydrates the hands while replenishing the skin cells. Additionally, it makes your skin tone even with the presence of coffee that improves the skin texture and complexion. This cream comes with a pleasing smell that will impact you while you sniff the hands when you get the chance. 

50 ml at INR 325

Bottom line

So, these are the affordable and high quality hand creams that you should know this winter. Which one are you going to use? Hands also need hydration just like face. That’s why hand creams become the need and desire in cold weather. Moisturizing hand creams protect from the harsh and dry air.

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