5 Things You Can Do With Glass Jars

Things You Can Do With Glass Jars

Buying glass jars can be a good investment, but you can do more than use them for storage. There are several creative ways to use them, including creating a time capsule, a yarn dispenser, a terrarium, and a lampshade.

Create a terrarium

Whether you’re looking to create a terrarium for the first time or just for an upgrade to your plant collection, Terraria is a great way to bring nature indoors. They’re easy to keep alive and require little maintenance. The first thing you’ll need to do is decide on a design. You can choose from various styles and plants, but your choice should be one that will grow and maintain well in a humid environment. Next, choose clear glass jars with a wide openings. This will make it easier to plant your plants. Finally, you can use a tamping tool, a spoon with a long handle, or chopsticks. Next, fill the jar about halfway with damp potting soil. This will act as a soil covering for the moss. You can also add rocks and pebbles for a nice aesthetic.

Make a lampshade

Using glass jars to make a lampshade is a great way to add a personal touch to your home or office. You can either use paint or stencils to create a lamp that is the perfect size for your needs. The best part is that you can make it in an instant! The first step is to clean the glass jars you plan to use. Next, you can use rubbing alcohol to wipe away any oils and residue. You can also apply a layer of acrylic paint inside the jar. Afterward, you’ll want to leave it to dry for at least half a day. This will allow the paint to cure and let you paint the rest of the jar with the correct color.

Make a yarn dispenser

Whether a crocheter or a knitter, a yarn dispenser can be a helpful tool. You can turn a jar into the ideal yarn holder with a few easy-to-find household items. The process is simple whether you’re planning on making a small yarn bowl or a large, sturdier one. Choose the right size for your project to make a yarn dispenser with glass jars. For example, a soda bottle is a good choice because it’s large enough to hold a skein of yarn. However, to avoid finding a new bottle, you can use an empty coffee can or milk jug. Next, choose a large clear plastic container with a screw-on lid. You can also use a quart jar. However, if you’re planning on filling it with more than a skein of yarn, you may want to invest in a giant jar.

Organize toys and art supplies

Organizing toys and art supplies with glass jars are a fun way to keep them out of the way but easy to access. It’s also a great way to give kids an idea of how to organize their things. You can also use acrylic turntables and canisters to display your favorite items. Beads, googly eyes, sequins, and pipe cleaners are all excellent examples of small pieces. You can store these items in glass canisters with lids to keep them in perfect condition. Tiered trays are another great way to organize art supplies. They can be used on the floor or hung on a counter. They’re also an excellent solution for limited counter space. One of the easiest ways to organize kids’ art supplies is to buy plastic storage bins in various colors. You can also find a variety of sizes to suit your space.

Make a time capsule

Creating a time capsule is a great way to preserve family memories. It’s also an opportunity to involve your kids. They can help decorate the box before it’s filled. They can write down their favorite things of the year, book, or color. The contents of your time capsule can include anything from books to a letter from a parent. The best time capsule is one that is meaningful and personalized. It can contain items such as certificates and graduation diplomas. Time capsules can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years. It’s essential to choose a container that’s airtight and sturdy. The container should be placed in an out-of-the-way place where there is no danger of theft or damage from moisture. You can buy preservation kits online. You may also need to add moisture absorbers for extra protection.

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