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Did Your Gherkin Just Get Eaten? Here are the 5 Tips to Improve Test Coverage

Cucumber and Selenium are widely used frameworks for BDD(Behavior Driven Development) and web browser automation respectively. Even though it appears to be a nice pair on paper, many testers shy away from it in reality. Most testers are reluctant to use Gherkin since it feels like an additional task since the test scripts still have […]

5 Things You Must Know When Writing Test Plans for Selenium Automation Testing

Automation Testing is one of the most important additions to the web Development Industry. Using this testing method, the developers can significantly reduce the overall testing period. For instance, a recent study shows that Automation testing takes less than 2 days compared to almost 5 days for manual test cases. Test automation also helps the […]

Junkyard Joe’s Debut Comic Book to Benefit Homeless Veterans in US and UK

Junkyard Joe, created by industry professional Geoff Johns, is set to star in his own comic book. The book will benefit homeless veterans in the United States and the United Kingdom. All proceeds from the book will go to two charities that help support these veterans. Junkyard Joe – Supporting Veterans Across the US and UK […]

Ecommerce Packaging vs. Postal Boxes – Difference

Whether you are a small start-up or a recognised e-commerce business, a huge chunk of capital goes to packaging supplies for your products. While most companies understand the importance of packaging, some of them fail to see it. This allows competitors to secure a major portion of potential customers. Both e-commerce packaging and cardboard postal […]

How to create a Capsule Wardrobe?

We have to rethink how we consume high-street women’s clothing or fashion. Each one of us has a different lifestyle and different dressing styles. Capsule wardrobe was an initiative taken by people who wanted a more minimalistic lifestyle and sustainable fashion. But there is a more simple reason why everybody should consider having a capsule […]

How Can Testers Build an Effective Test Automation Strategy for Continuous Testing

In order to gain effective results, test automation within a continuous testing strategy must be developed with the potential to enhance test capabilities. Testers must make sure that the automation system is well-developed and it must contain different strategies, including choosing the test cases for automation, building an automation framework that promotes seamless test management, […]

How to effectively run an IT organization with ServiceNow?

This article is intended to showcase the features of ServiceNow which aids the IT industries in executing the firm’s operations effectively. We also exhibit the characteristics of IT Business and operations management in this post. You need to get this online ServiceNow Training course which provides expert training assistance to work with ServiceNow products. Let’s […]

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