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How Variable Transformers are used in Our Daily Life?

A variable transformer is a transformer that has the ability to put out a varying load of voltage from a similar input voltage. A variable transformer generally consists of a brush or a wiper which can be used to rotate across the windings in order to generate a variable turns ratio. A variable transformer is generally […]

What are Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers and What are their Advantages?

Introduction As we all know, voltage stabilizers are very important in our day-to-day life. The main work of the voltage stabilizer is to stabilize the voltage and protect the electrical appliances of your house. We have seen that mainly in the industrial areas, the housing apartments have the stabilizers to maintain the optimal voltage around […]

Explain the difference between a power transformer and distribution transformer?

Introduction The transformer, in simple terms can be defined as the voltage regulator. It helps in stepping up and stepping down of the voltages. We all have seen transformers in our locality, where the current is passed from higher voltage to the lower voltages. In this blog, we will discuss about the differences between the […]

Know the Important Characteristics of High Voltage and Low Voltage Transformers

A thorough understanding of the various types of transformers is essential for the overall process of any business or industry. The term “transformer” refers to a specific static, simple electro-magnetic, electrical device that was designed to convert the alternate kind of voltage from one to another one, as required. It can also be useful in […]

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