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Har ki Dun, the valley of the gods. This pristine valley nestled in the Govind Pashu Vihar National Park & Sanctuary of the Sankari Range is a portal to nature at its purest. Present in the North Indian state of Uttarakhand, Har ki dun is said to be the staircase of heaven. This place is a Sanctum of all forms of nature such as valleys, rivers, mountains, snow, and much more. Never disappoints an adventurer at any time of the year as the lush greenery gets veiled by a thick blanket of snow. The way to Har Ki Dun itself is a trailer of what is to come. Crystal clear water and untouched nature are in abundance. The Sankari range is a few hundred kilometers from Dehradun. Marvelous hill stations cling onto the rough ridges along the road to Sankari. Sankari is a remote village in the foothills of the range.

The Har Ki Dun valley is a museum of nature presenting itself. Legend has it that this was the route taken by the Pandavas to reach heaven thereby entitling itself as the staircase of heaven. The rich culture and exotic untouched valleys have attracted adventurers and trekkers far and wide. 


The geographic location puts the Har ki Dun in the Garhwal Himalayan region. This region enjoys the rich culture and assorted biodiversity offered by the landscape. Cultural aspects deal with the religious backstory and world heritage sites such as Mussoorie, Dhanaulti, and Chakrata. The rich biodiversity has offered the unique conditions that home the rarest and the most exotic flora and fauna such as the Nanda Devi and the valley of flowers national parks. 

The magical valleys of Har ki Dun encase almost all kinds of landscape, from graceful meadows, raging rivers, and pleasant white snow or lush greenery. Here is where the mountains, valleys, and rivers thrive in harmony. All the landscape as if posing together for a good picture, Har ki Dun has it all. From graceful strolls to moderately rough climbs, this place is said to be a hiker’s paradise. 

The primary tributary of the river Yamuna originates here. River Tons provides for the valley before it merges into river Yamuna. The magical waters of the Tons river originate in the Bandarpunch Mountain carrying more water than the river Yamuna. The river flows in the valley by the side of the mighty Swargarohini mountain. The entire valley is a serene picturesque view all year round. The campsite here is at the foothills of the Har ki Dun mountain. Trickling streams, colossal mountains, and friendly climate conditions add essence to the magical valleys.

Swargarohini Peak Trek is one of the many trek routes in these valleys. Apart from the three peaks of the Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, and Black peak. These peaks are snow-clad throughout the year with their mesmerizing alpine vegetation. Base camp at the foothills of Swargarohini would be the idle starting point for all these trails. The moderately difficult trail is often said to be for beginners but the valley never fails to impress anyone. The magical trails of this mystical valley thread through simple yet elegant pathways lined with picture-perfect nature. The muddy paths along with the riverside twists and turns to untouched parts of the valley. The rising and setting of the Sun turn the entire valley to pure golden tint. Another chapter starts when the sun goes down and gives its stage up for the night. The unpolluted sky gets converted to a natural planetarium, a Bright moon amidst finite stars that were invisible during even the darkest of the nights in a city. The cloudy mist of our milky way galaxy usually mistaken for a dense cloud is a hidden secret in plain sight. 

The roaring streams, silent cool breeze, occasional chirping of birds, muddy riversides, snowy peaks is the type of carnival that happens every day all year round at the Har ki Dun. The experience of nature untouched camping amidst the colossal mountains by the riverside sounds like a plot out of a fairytale but it’s just the enticing mystical power of the valley that one gets lost by just a single glance. Har Ki Dun is an experience better explored and experienced than told about.

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