How should Furniture be Moved Safely?

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Always treat your furniture gently, but especially when moving. You want every item to be in perfect condition when you get there, whether you’re relocating across the nation or just down the block. Additionally, moving furniture is frequently among the most expensive and difficult tasks. Any type of furniture that is damaged during the moving process can be very expensive to repair. As long as you know how to safeguard furniture before moving it, it’s not nearly as difficult as it might appear. To protect your possessions, follow these recommendations:

  • Use plastic wrap and shifting blankets as necessary

There is never “too much” protection, particularly when it comes to sensitive wooden furniture. Always take extra precautions when wrapping wooden furniture to ensure that every square inch of exposed wood is covered. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If necessary, feel free to wrap it more than once.

  • Never use bubble wrap or plastic shrink wrap to cover timber furniture, leather chairs, or sofas

If you wish to use bubble wrap or plastic wrap as an additional layer of protection, you must always lay down a layer of blankets or furniture pads first because wood and leather are organic materials and need to be able to breathe. The surface of the furniture might be seriously harmed by covering it in layers upon layers of plastic wrap.

  • Lock any drawers, and take out any knobs or other minor parts that might fall out

Some wood furniture, especially older antique pieces, has little elements like drawer handles, knobs, and casters that are easily displaced during a relocation. Remove each of these parts from the furniture before wrapping it, and store them securely in a ziplock bag or a brown envelope. Close any cabinets or drawers that are present on the item with twine. To prevent the coarse rope from making direct touch with the board, place some padding underneath it. NEVER use tape to close any drawers or doors on wood furniture. The paint work will be ruined by the tape.

Moving furniture is not really difficult; it just calls for careful planning. Hiring a reputable packing and moving company in Hamilton with actual experience in moving will make this complicated procedure simpler for you and ensure that your priceless furniture arrives at your new house in perfect condition.

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