Set Up A Virtual Platform For Healthcare Services By Launching The Uber For Doctors App

Uber For Doctors

The digital wave, making the pave for awe! Hey, it may sound rhyming, but the intent is to convey that with technology, every milestone can be achieved effortlessly. Still, people can’t get over the fact that they can seek medical help through online consultations.

The booming virtual healthcare applications have started eradicating the need to visit hospitals. Of course, major complications can be addressed only by visiting hospitals. Whereas people can seek help from doctors online for reasons like first-aids and minor cases like fever, cold, cough, and allergies.

If you have been noticing the trend, then you would have observed the dependence of people on virtual healthcare applications. Are you ready to learn about the Uber for doctors appointment app?

Uber – The Pioneer In Every Sector

Not to exaggerate, Uber has set the bars high in almost every business sector. Uber’s ride-hailing business is a massive hit, and any ride-hailing company could surpass the growth of Uber in these years. Likewise, UberEats is another successful milestone of Uber, where the company has revolutionized the food delivery sector. And Uber hasn’t left the healthcare sector also. 

Uber for doctors is an appointment booking application that perfectly cements the gap between commoners and doctors. Health-related problems that are of minor challenges can be addressed through the app itself. If users need to reserve an appointment, they can check the slots on the app and select a preferred date. Convenience at its apex!

How to book appointments and other healthcare consultations?

Any app that is made to solve the problems of the users must be simple to use. Your users will rush to your app to avail of the service. So, at that time, they must not feel annoyed or confused. Thus, a minimalistic design and a rich set of features will project your app perfectly to your users. 

Alright! Go through the easiest steps in operating the Uber for on-demand doctor app. Here, the workflow will explain the process of booking appointments along with availing of online consultation from doctors.

  1. Users who are willing to book an appointment must install it on their smartphone and clear the registration process.
  2. After the mandatory step of registration, users will be asked to provide location accessibility. Only after providing the location, the app will be able to produce the list of doctors in that area. 
  3. Under the profile of each doctor, their availability timings, consultation fees, and professional experience will be mentioned. So, based on the information fed, the users can make their selection.
  4. On the reserved date, the users can meet the doctors in regard to their appointment and get the necessary consultation. Likewise, if the user has booked an appointment for online consultation, then they can get online consultations via the preferred mode of communication (video/voice call).
  5. And finally, the user will pay the total fees for the consultation through any of the in-app transaction methods.

Uber for doctors app development – Types of app development solutions

In mobile app development, there are different ways, and the cost of development varies from one method to another. The different types of development include in-house app development, freelance app development and clone app development.

All the methods other than clone app development is effective in every way. The clone app development is clad with its own set of benefits. When you take the cost of clone app development, you can save pennies when compared to in-house development or freelancing. Again, the total time frame for clone app development will range from 1 week to 10 days. Thus, you can get the ready-to-install Uber for doctors app solution and fasten your online healthcare business. Next, be prepared to walk through the on-demand doctor app’s features, which includes the admin panel, the user app and the doctor app.

Uber for doctors app – An Overview of the features

  • Registration 

The number of entities associated with the app (patients and doctors) has to submit the required credentials. Upon the submission of the credentials, they will get an OTP on their mobile phones. After entering the OTP on the app, the registration process will get completed.

  • GPS

In order to identify the patient’s location, the location information is collected with the help of GPS technology. Once the location is identified, a list of doctors is presented to the user.

  • Search doctors

From the presented list of doctors, the users will choose a doctor on the basis of their requirements. For example, a user may look for either a specialist or a general physician. Similarly, the users can also select a doctor based on the consultation charges.

  • Appointment booking

Whether the user wants t go and visit the doctor in their clinic or wants an online consultation, the user can book them through the app. While booking, they must also mention the timing and type of complication they are experiencing. 

  • Push alerts

Constant communication to the users and doctors is ensured by sending messages through instant push alerts.

  • Payment integration

The clone app will contain many payment options. So, if you are planning to add a few more payment options, you can your developer to do so. The clone apps are customizable, and thus adding any feature or functionality will be easy.

Wrapping up

There is a whopping necessity for the on-demand doctor apps, and you can flip this necessity into your favor by launching the Uber for doctors app.

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