The application process to Get Medical Marijuana In Georgia?

Unlike other states, Georgia is one of those states with strict rules, especially in cannabis laws. So, you can imagine how to get medical marijuana in Georgia can be like. But after we break that down for you, it won’t look as complicated as you might have thought. After all, it’s worth the trouble as you get natural relief. And this only takes a few steps that we shall go through later on.

Georgia residents looking for cannabis relief were exhilarated. After the Peach State passed legislation expanding the MMJ program in Georgia in mid-2019, this was officially known as the Low-THC Oil Registry. But since the state is still stringent on cannabis-based products, they didn’t find it necessary to qualify it as an MMJ program.

That means it’s not among other states that have approved medical cannabis. And this fact should tell you what you need to know. So, the amount of weed available in this state for any qualified patient is minimal. In essence, the only product you can purchase in the Low-THC Oil Registry is 5% of CBD oil or less THC.

So, if you’re trying to figure out how to get medical marijuana in Georgiayou must apply for a Low THC Registry Card. Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of that process involved to get you the card that will give you the relief you need. 

The Requirements

  • First, you have to be of age and what Georgia considers 18 years and above. 
  • If a minor has any qualifying diseases, his legal guardians can apply for the Low THC Registry Card. 
  • Be a Georgia resident for at least a year with supporting documents such as State’s ID or driver’s license. 

Have any of the below qualifying conditions stipulated by Georgia

  • Epilepsy/seizure disorder
  • Mitochondrial disease
  • Intractable pain
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Severe ALS, or end-stage
  • Severe Tourette’s syndrome
  • Cancer at end-stage or severe
  • Alzheimer
  • Autism
  • Severe sickle cell disease, or end-stage
  • Peripheral neuropathy (end-stage or severe)
  • Parkinson disease (end-stage or severe)
  • PTSD
  • Multiple sclerosis (severe or end-stage) 
  • AIDS (end-stage)
  • Epidermolysis bullosa
  • Patients in a hospice program

So, if you meet the above, then you’ll be ready to proceed with the following:

Book an appointment with a medical-approved physician in Georgia.

As Georgia has strict rules on cannabis, sometimes it can get tricky, finding a cannabis-friendly doctor. And it’s also rare to find certified doctors.

Fill up the paperwork after evaluation.

Once you find a Georgia-approved doctor, you make an appointment, and you go for an evaluation. Both of you will fill in some paperwork, but your physician will be responsible for submitting them on your behalf to the Georgia Department of Public Health. One will be the waiver form (both signs) and the physician certification form. After evaluating your health, he may find you as a qualifying patient for medical cannabis treatment.

Submit your application as you wait for your card’s approval.

Having finished the paperwork and submitted it, all that’s left is patience for your card approval. The process may take a few weeks to go through. 

Make the payments and get your Low-THC Oil Registry Card.

After your card approval, you’ll have to proceed to the state’s Department of Public Health Offices. Carry some cash with you, as the card fee you’ll need to pay is $25. And voila, you’ll get your Low-THC Oil Registry Card and get ready to purchase the medical cannabis products. 

Congratulations on getting your card. Now you must keep it safely for the next two years (its validity). Your card expiration date will show on the front side of the card. After it expires, you must consult your physician again and request him to update it for you. And this will take two working weeks to process another card. You’ll pay $25 again as you paid in the first-time application. 

Why do you need a Georgia Medical Marijuana Card?

There are tons of benefits associated with having the Georgia MMJ card. First, it removes the stigma of using cannabis, in general. And it helps to relieve the pain from most diseases that the states stipulate. 

When you register for the card, your name goes to the Georgia Medical Marijuana Registry. And this recognizes you as a qualifying patient and allows you or a caregiver to legally acquire up to 20 ounces of low THC medical cannabis oil. So, you can’t find yourself against the law, as you get authorized to have the oil. 

As soon as the state dispensaries open, any cardholder will conveniently purchase the medical weed at a low price. And as Georgia’s medical cannabis program expands, all registered members will be on the front line to benefit from future reform efforts.

Who can grow cannabis in Georgia?

Currently, only HB 324 will manage the cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensing of the oil in this state. The registered patients still are waiting for the dispensaries licensed to sell the weed products to open.

As of November 2020, the Medical Cannabis Commission started allowing Class 1 and 2 production license applications. But the state hasn’t allowed the dispensary license yet.

Does Georgia have a medical marijuana” program?

So, how to get medical marijuana in Georgia? As we said initially, we can’t technically say that Georgia has a “medical marijuana” program. What they have is a Low THC Oil Registry. And this protects qualified patients who possess low-THC oil. Unfortunately, patients are still waiting for the dispensaries to open.

What does the Georgia law state regarding cannabis products?

Georgia’s law is a little different from other states, as it’s got some limitations. For instance, possession or sale of weed in leaf form is not legal. Nor does it permit the production or sale of food products infused with low THC oil. It also doesn’t allow the ingestion of low THC oil through vapor. Physicians still don’t have the authority to prescribe medical cannabis to their patients. And the law solely intends to protect only qualified persons from criminal prosecution for holding low THC oil for medicinal purposes.

In Conclusion

As stringent as it is for possessing weed in Georgia, now you know how to get medical marijuana in Georgia. Though it’s not the same with other states, it’s still possible to relieve the pain caused by most underlying diseases that this state has qualified. 

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