Tips to Fix A Slippery Yoga Mats

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It can be extremely frustrating when yoga mats have no traction at all. With the pandemic still affecting our daily lives, people have opted for ordering yoga mats online for exercise.

Yoga mats are beneficial and a pretty cheap expense to get some exercises done at home. But slippery yoga mats are not only annoying but also possess a threat of getting hurt while doing a position. Slippery yoga mats are a common problem, and there are certain tips to help the situation.

We have accumulated some tips and tricks to refrain your yoga mat from being a slippery mess!

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Start Using or Practicing More

Most yoga mats online are made of PVC material that makes them slippery. The best way to break this slipperiness is to practice and use it more. With continuous usage, the top slippery layer will wear off. So even it is more meditation, use the mat.

Give It A Few Washes

This is the easiest way to wear off the slippery layer of your yoga mat. As informed earlier that most yoga mats are made from PVS material, so washing them will start the aging process sooner. Remember to rinse it in cold water and leave the mat to air dry.

Using any kind of vinegar- apple cider vinegar or white vinegar on yoga mats can be risky. But using it correctly can make your mat less slippery. Before applying vinegar, wash your mat with a bar of organic soap and mix water with the vinegar to dilute it. Spray the mat with the mixture or use a cloth to rub the mixture and wash it with water.

Using Vinegar

You can also add a few drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil to enhance the smell of the mat!

Use A Microfibre Cloth or A Towel

Using a cotton towel on the upper layer of the mat adds a little tension to the surface. If you can spare a microfibre cloth, it increases the comfort while doing yoga poses and also adds traction to the mat.

Wearing Socks and Gloves

Although it isn’t possible to wear gloves or socks all the time, but a rubber glove helps to achieve a proper grip on the yoga mat. This way, your sweat will stay inside the gloves or socks, and the slipperiness will reduce.

Buy A Double-Sided Yoga Mat

While buying yoga mats online, look for double-sided mats that have one side made of terry cloth. This way, it will be easier to avoid slipperiness. You can practice comfortably on the side made up of terry cloth or similar material as it will remove any unnecessary slip.

Use One Side to Train

While starting your session on a new yoga mat, make sure you practice on the same side. Mark the side you want to break in and use the same side to practice. This way, it will be easier to remove the slipperiness of the mat and become an ideal surface to train.

Applying Sea Salt

Applying sea salt on the upper layer of a slippery yoga mat removes the slipperiness of the mat. A sea salt scrub mimics a few days of use and speeds up the process. Use a bit of salt on the mat and gently rub it with a wet cloth.

Machine Washing

Machine wash can help in the breaking in process of a new yoga mat. Check the mat before to know if it can be machine washed. If yes, put the mat into the washing machine without soap and let it air dry afterward. This will break down the film on the mat that gives it a slippery effect.

There is a list of things you shouldn’t ever do to a yoga mat.

  • Do not use any harsh substances as it could affect the quality of the mat.
  • Do-not use any bristles to remove the slipperiness of the mat.
  • Do not machine-dry your yoga mat.

Although it might take some time, fixing a slippery yoga mat can take some effort and time. There are several of yoga mats available online which are non-slippery. Keplin has an amazing collection of the best non slip yoga mats. These mats have a double-layered structure that ensures optimal grip and can be used on any floor. Also, these non-slip mats are made with organic, non-toxic materials, which makes them environmental-friendly.

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