Uber Clone – Integrate Safety Features To Boost Rides Of Your Taxi Business

Uber Clone

Commuting through a taxi a few years ago was only for those who were able to afford it. Taxi ride offers convenience and with the advent of Uber. People find it comfortable in paying a little extra for a ride that makes it safe traveling. Several taxi booking businesses are now shifting online by developing an Uber Clone app. Why Uber Taxi Booking App?

What Makes Uber Clone Taxi Booking App The Best Choice?

Both businesses and passengers benefit from the taxi app. It assists customers in having a pleasant ride, as well as businesses in expanding and strengthening their brand.

If you want to create a fantastic Online Taxi Booking Solution. It’s a good idea to go with a premade Uber Clone App Software. When it comes to converting your standard taxi booking into an online taxi booking app, it is a common choice.

You may rapidly and efficiently construct your own online taxi booking app by utilizing a ready-to-launch web solution. Uber is one such comprehensive online taxi booking platform that offers world-class on-demand cab services.

So, if you utilize an Uber clone solution that is precisely created to meet your online taxi business model and needs. You may quickly develop your own feature-rich online taxi booking platform.

Choose a white-label Uber clone app that allows you to customize it to meet your specific needs. You’ll be able to integrate all of the necessary features, services, and functionalities in your online store in a hassle-free manner.

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What Makes Uber Clone Taxi App Safe For Your Drivers & Riders

While developing your mobile app, make security and user comfort a top concern. While user-friendliness is a must-have element for any mobile app, your app should also have features that focus on:

Panic/SOS /Emergency button

Allow your passenger to activate the Panic Button in the event of an emergency. He can immediately contact the police. And notification with his specific location will be sent to three of his connections and the site administrator.

Tracing Ride By Family Members

This function allows the rider to share their current position with trusted family members or friends, making it easier for them to track their rides.

Block Fraud Riders/Drivers

The Block Fraud Riders or Drivers section allows the admin to compile a list of drivers and riders who cancel rides too frequently, and so prevent them from using the Uber Clone in the future.

Call Masking

Your Riders and Drivers can call one other with a tap of their finger on their Smartphones, without revealing either party’s original phone number, thanks to this Uber clone capability. As a result, the privacy of the users is safeguarded. Your female passengers and drivers will appreciate that you put their needs first.

Geo-fencing – Pickup And Drop Restrictions

The feature allows you to avoid these regions by using geo-fencing and avoiding pick-up and drop-off places that are crime-prone or unsafe after dark.

COVID19 Safety Features

With the pandemic, “Social Distancing” became the new norm, implementing Face mask verification, Safety ratings, Safety checklists as well as Restricted passenger entry under the COVID19 Safety Features enables you to carry on with your taxi booking business hassle-free knowing that you are following the norms.

The features stated above are premium add-ons that can be simply implemented by speaking with your app development team. If you’re hoping to create an Uber-style app, adding the following characteristics can help your taxi booking company gain attention rapidly. It improves the user experience while also growing your fan following. Knowing that your app is safe to use, especially for female riders, places it in a premium category, putting it ahead of the competition.

Partnering With Uber Clone App Development Company

To design the greatest Uber Clone App for your taxi business, contact with a professional App Development Company. Going with an Indian company is the ideal option because they have a professional crew with years of experience working on cutting-edge infrastructure. To be sure you’re choosing the best app development company, read client testimonials and examples of their work.

You’ll be able to check how experienced they are in app development as well as how many clone applications they’ve built this way.

View a live demo before placing an order, and adjust the app’s features and services as needed. Once the demo has been approved, you can place an order. The app development team will begin the white-labeling process, allowing you to deploy the app within a week.

Felica Carroll is Digital marketing leader of cubetaxi.com, An On demand app development company. She has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry. She loves to write everything about clone Scripts and mobile application development.

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