About us

We are your friends bringing in the news for you from all over the world across different sectors. You can stay updated with all the recent happenings of the world in the fields of business, entertainment, politics, health, technology, lifestyle, and many more with us. Newz Buff strives to bring the best and authentic news to your screens to keep you informed without distracting your attention.

Newz Buff is an honest effort to create an online media platform that allows people to come forward with unique stories described in the most amazing ways possible. We invite talented writers from different corners of the world to showcase their storytelling abilities in taking news to the general internet audience. You can write for us and get your stories published for a massive global audience.

As the world of news continues to change and find new forms, Newz Buff aims to stay true to the standards of ethical behavior. So, we are committed to checking our news stories for authenticity to make sure that our readers get valuable information. In the long run, we want to serve as the one-stop destination for every internet user to get interesting, exciting, and humorous news stories.

Newz Buff- Built for News, Evolved for Stories!  

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