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Why is Everyone talking about Covid 19 Testing

While no one seems in that ideal condition with the current pandemic, Covid 19 Testing remains in high demand. Covid-19 was no less in itself, where social media stories started to spread a variety of false medical information. After several trials, renowned health organizations concluded keeping RT-PCR as the diagnostic tool for Coronavirus Testing.  Why […]

Keep Your Teeth Healthy With Crest Whitening Strips Online in COVID-19 Pandemic

So, you have decided to take the big steps and buy some teeth whitening strips online. Now, you must be wondering about finding your smile back again from the cloud of stains that botch up your teeth. As a matter of fact, you can find many reliable options such as Crest whitening strips online with […]

How Pandemic Forcing Pharma Industry to Innovate

Pharma industry is major industry which caters to the basic public health. It is one of the most sustainable business.  However, Healthcare infrastructure in India was challenged and exposed due to the limited supply for essential  medicines, hospital beds with oxygen,  oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators which has resulted in loss of important lives  So this pandemic has caused pharma industry to […]

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