10 Brilliant Tips to Reuse Leftover Bubble Wrap

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We all get very excited with bubble wraps. Most of us throw the roll of bubble wrap away after popping down all the plastic pockets. Well, we cannot deny the pure tactile satisfaction of it. But it might not be the most productive use of a large roll of bubble wrap!

Be it a large bubble wrap rolls left after relocation or a small piece of it that came with a newly ordered item; it can be reused in so many ways. Here are ten different useful and fun ways to reuse bubble wrap rolls.

large bubble wrap

Insulation of Homes

The air bubbles trapped inside bubble wraps can be an excellent insulator. Heat loss generally happens from doors and windows in the winters. So, grab a large sheet of bubble wrap and stick it directly inside the windows. If there are gaps between the sheets, you can place smaller pieces of bubble wraps to stop the cold air from coming inside.

You can even wrap your water pipes in the freezing months to prevent pipe bursting.

Packing Groceries

If you are buying groceries in bulk, wrap them with leftover bubble wraps. The fruits and other drinks will stay cold for a longer period of time. Wrapping fruits and vegetables in bubble wraps will also ensure that the delicate items don’t get bruised due to tossing.

Even at home, if you use a lot of glass bottles or jars, bubble wrapping them will give an extra layer of protection.

Protection of Plants

Delicate, smaller plants can die from extreme frost or cold wind. Bubble wraps will keep your plants protected during the rough winter months. While potting newer plants line the pots with bubble wrap sheets before putting the soil. Leave adequate space at the bottom for drainage. This extra layer of insulation will prevent the roots of the plants from freezing up and getting damaged in the cold.

As A Sleeping Mat

Camping mats can cost a lot, especially the good quality ones. So, if you are planning to go for a camping trip, get a large bubble wrap sheet and place it under your sleeping bag. You can also add some inside the sleeping bag to keep yourself warm at night. The wrap will cushion your back from the cold and hard ground.

Store Shoes & Accessories

Boots and handbags, if not stored correctly, can lose their shape in storage. Stuff a generous amount of bubble wraps inside them before storing them. This way, they won’t lose their original form.

Protecting Car Windshield

One of the most infuriating things about winter is the freezing of car windscreen. Take a large sheet of bubble wrap and place it over the windshield. Clamp them down with the windscreen wipers. The frost won’t be able to form on the windscreen. Think about how much time you will save in the winter mornings when you have a clear windscreen!


If you have plenty of leftover bubble wraps in somewhat good condition, it is best to donate them. Ask your friends if they need bubble wraps for moving or storing goods. You can post on social media or Craigslist to be picked by someone who really needs it.

Bubble wraps are excellent packing materials, so even smaller businesses need them. If you have them in good condition, by donating bubble wraps to a small home business, you can help their cost of production.


If the protective bubbles on the bubble wrap roll are too worn out to be used further or don’t want to keep them, recycling can be a good option. Bubble wraps can be recycled in places where plastic bags are recycled. As customers, we need to do our part to protect the environment.

Using Them as Handle Cushions

If you work outside with tools for long hours, chances are you could get sore palms and lose grip due to sweat. Place a bubble wrap on the handles of the tools and secure them with brown tapes. This will prevent your hand from getting blisters and also give you’re a better grip.

Use It for Creative Purposes or To Relieve Stress

If you have kids, let them use bubble wraps for painting, enhancing their motor skills, etc. Create unique colour combinations on the bubbles and let them pop! The colour splashes will create amazing colour patterns. You can also use to pop these bubble wraps to relieve frustration and stress.

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