10 Places in India That meets your Bike Ride craving After Covid Lockdown


Find the 10 places in India that meet your bike ride craving after a lockdown in 2021 – Gone are the days when travelling meant to take a train or a flight and see that one particular place. Modern travellers want more and are getting much more out of it. A new class of explorers are there, who are ditching the traditional methods and moulding travelling into something much more exciting and fun. You’ll find people investing in travelling vans and dirt bikes much more than they used to earlier. The experience of travelling is fast evolving, and these changes are here to stay. People are adapting to this new, fast but relaxing way of travelling and exploring nature.

Bike rides are a modern-day mode of exploration, and many people love them. Young travellers and bike lovers are travelling and planning new destinations every day. These explorers document their expeditions and post them on social media. It has led to many more young travellers trying out these new methods and loving them.

Why choose India for a bike ride?

India is full of scenic routes and destinations. It is the top item on many travel bucket lists. If you are keen to go on a bike ride, there isn’t a better destination than India. Many foreigners travel to India every year to explore its rich culture and natural beauty. They find it so fascinating that many of them stay here long after their planned vacations.

From hill stations to coastal towns, India has something to offer to everyone. You can take up your bike to a famous hill station, take a hike and explore the rich colonial history too. It will be all in one package of nature, adventure and history. There is hardly any other country in the world that can offer you this much.

  • India has emerged as a top location for bike rides. Many hill stations and highways are popular tourist spots where you’ll seldom find bike riders.
  • You can easily find bikes of many models, depending on your budget.
  • The advancing and developing road transportation systems have made riding much easier than before.
  • Bikes are readily available in all the states for renting, depending on your itinerary.

Take those Direct Flights To Hyderabad From USA right now and avail all these benefits. Start planning your road trip right now on one of these famous routes:

Manali to Leh

The route of Manali-Leh is a famous one stretching almost 473 km. It offers scenic routes like no other at a high altitude. If you love mountains, snow and chilly weather, this route should be your priority. Apart from that, for around 150 km, you’ll face a testing ride. The roads on these hills can be damaged and test the riding skills of every person. Ensure that you are fully proficient in riding a bike, and if not, it is better to sit in the back.

Khardung La and Rohtang are two famous passes you can explore on the route. The entire journey can take up to two days, depending on the speed and stops.


If you ask someone about India’s best bike ride site, they’ll surely reply with Ladakh. From monasteries to meandering roads, every bike rider dreams of taking up a trip to Ladakh with their friends. While it is a loved spot for riders, the roads here are rugged and not smooth. You need to polish your riding skills before embarking on the journey, as the weather here can be pretty unpredictable. You need to be ready for rain on the rugged road, which will test your driving skills.

Mumbai to Goa

If you are a beach and coastal town lover, this route is the one for you. Mumbai and Goa are both central tourist locations of India, which offer alluring beaches and happening nightlife.

Stretching around 587 km, it can take up to twelve hours on a bike. It is not a long bike ride and should be an excellent option for people who aren’t yet ready for long ones. Take up those Direct flights from Delhi to USAand start your bike trip!

The golden triangle

The reputed cultural hub, Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, offer a treat for everyone looking to explore Indian history. These three cities are known as the Golden Triangle in India, and every bike rider should have them on their list.

You can check out the forts, monuments and local delicacies during this bike ride.

Bengaluru to Goa

Another beautiful route, Bengaluru to Goa, has also made its place in the top riding routes. Bengaluru is a central city in India and also the IT hub. In contrast, Goa is the centre of travelling, fun, beauty and parties.

The 556 km long travel can be a great weekend getaway for all bike lovers.

Spiti Valley

If you want to take on those challenging but rewarding riding routes, Spiti should be your spot. Located in Himachal Pradesh, the Spiti Valley offers adventure and beauty in the same package.

It is advisable to take on this track only if you are sure of your riding skills.

Western Arunachal Pradesh

Away from the tourists and the crowds, this bike route can offer you a getaway into nature’s lap. The roads might be damaged, and there is always a threat of landslides, making it essential to take this journey only if you’re a polished driver.

Waterfalls, snowy roads, forests and streams make up for the challenging roads in this location. Arunachal Pradesh is on the eastern side of India, which is relatively unexplored. It gives a perfect opportunity if the famous tourist spots are not your preference.

Chennai to Munnar

For the people in the south, this is a top bike ride route. A stretch of 278 km is a perfect option to escape the monotonous routine and explore nature. Chennai is a beautiful coastal town in India where you can explore and experience the tradition of the south.

You’ll find beautiful valleys, forests and waterfalls in this route, an excellent opportunity to click pictures and make memories.

Shimla to Manali

The route between these two famous sites is a sight for all nature lovers. If you are visiting Shimla, a road trip to Manali will give that adrenaline rush and an escape to the beauty of the routes.

The distance is almost 249 km, and you can cover it well within a day.

Jaipur to Jaisalmer

You can experience the culture and rich heritage of India well in cities like Jaipur and Jaiselmer. The delicious local food, monuments and forts provide an insight into the history of India and the rural lives.

The route is an easy one, and any person who can drive can cover it quickly. You can stay and explore the local villages on the way and get a sense of how the rural part of India lives. Also, experiencing the hospitality of the people is a delight in itself.

Follow our guide to plan and start your bike trip to these destinations and escape from the boring daily routine. A bike ride to one of these destinations can help bring a change in your life and give that adrenaline rush. Ensure that you follow all the safety protocols and plan a trip after the restrictions are lifted. It will help you remain safe in the pandemic and have the road trip of your dreams.

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