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Even the least experienced online marketers are aware of the influence of psychological factors on consumers’ buying decisions. The psychological triggers of offline and online signals are extensively used to direct customers in the proper direction, from cleverly arranging products on the shelves to the use of serial positioning on online shopping websites.

In certain instances, social proof marketing can be more effective than other situations. If people are hesitant to make the right choice, they usually mimic the people they know. It is helpful if you are trying to boost the effectiveness of social proof on your online website through reviews that the customers you want to reach can connect with.

In this post, we’ll go over five kinds of social proof strategies with examples that are easy to add to the pages of your Shopify store. The inclusion of this social proofed indicator to your Shopify store will bring in more sales due to the increased conversion rate.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is using the behavior of others in your vicinity to determine the best purchase.

The social and psychological concept of “social proof” (also known as influential social information) results from people’s dependence on the comments and behavior of others to determine the appropriate and not in a particular situation.

While social proof may be similar to marketing, the advent of social media and perhaps the internet as a whole has made it easier to access and value social proof as we see it today.

Based on the notion of social normative influences, people are likely to follow to be loved by, similar to, or accepted by an influencer, according to the idea of social normative influences.

Indicating the social proof of your items on your eCommerce website will help potential buyers decide what to buy. It is due to our social nature, and we’re likely to search for or consider other people’s opinions to purchase something. Shopify SEO Services can help you get social proof for your Shopify shop

1. Allow Customer Reviews

The best method to build social proof for your brand or business is to utilize your existing clients to make highlights for your customers.

Recent studies have shown that 87 percent of the time, users check social proof sites to see what other people have to say on the subject. As with any rational purchaser, they prefer positive reviews instead of a product with low ratings and lots of negative reviews.

Have you ever heard of a friend who has recommended any product or service? Chances are you have listened to what they had to say because you trust them.

Online shoppers are now using the same thinking process when they read reviews. While listening to feedback from friends can boost their chances of purchasing a product from your store, the reviews from strangers can also be beneficial!

If you are beginning to receive sales, you need to ask your customers to express their experiences with the product via product reviews.

Create trust with your customers and boost credibility with customized and well-curated testimonials.

There is no better way to demonstrate to new clients how good your product is than hearing current customers rave about them.

Nowadays, it isn’t easy to get reviews (especially favorable ones). However, this is because most people don’t even bother to ask.

Just ask a person to leave a review, and you can create it in a matter of minutes and leave a review.

Perhaps the email that follows up includes a direct link to the review section of the product they purchased to leave a review.

In the worst case, they don’t respond. The best scenario is to get glowing reviews left for customers to read!

2. Best Sellers

Your top-selling products have social proof built-in, and they are the ones who are already well-loved. Therefore, highlighting their popularity could increase their sales through social evidence.

The most efficient way to market your top-selling products is to add best-selling badges to your items. You can also arrange your top products into one of your Shopify collections so that they are accessible at once.

3. Using Testimonials

Requesting testimonials is among the most efficient methods to build solid social proof.

Inviting your customers to speak about their experiences with your product significantly impacts sales conversions.

Another aspect to consider is the location where testimonials will be put in. Collect a few testimonials (at least one or two), and be sure to place them in a natural place.

An intelligent product reviews application does all the work for you by automatically collecting reviews and testimonials from previous customers and then posting them on your website in an image, video, or written form.

One of the most effective ways to create solid social proof is soliciting testimonials.

Engaging your customers in conversations about their experiences with your product can significantly influence the conversion of sales positively.

Another thing to take into consideration is the correct placement of testimonials. Please take a few testimonials and make sure to place them in the appropriate locations naturally.

4. Create A Sense Of Urgency By Displaying The Number Of People Who Have Viewed A Product

We all recognize that the feeling of urgency can influence the purchase decision. When used correctly, it can convince customers to buy something even though they prefer to put off the purchase or abandon the site, which increases their chances of leaving their sales channel.

Busy stores, queues, and customers rummaging around the same shelves allow you to see the number of people watching a product in a physical shop. Each of these things piques shoppers’ interest, and they come in to check out what they’re looking at, which results in a win-win scenario.

5. Show What Others Have Bought To Make Recommendations

A successful one-two-punch that is an eCommerce cross-selling method shows products that other customers have purchased or looked at alongside the item that a buyer is currently taking a look at.

Why? It doesn’t just remind the consumer that others have bought the products they’re considering but also provides social proof of the product they’re thinking. However, it also sells additional products and offers social proof.

It’s most commonly referred to as an Amazon method, however considering that Amazon’s recommendation algorithm is responsible for 35% of sales, it’s a good practice to adopt. The suggestions based on the previous purchases can help customers discover more products that reduce the chance of leaving a website.


Giving genuine social proof to your Shopify store can be extremely useful.

Boost your sales conversion rates. Improve the visibility of your brand and build more connections within your field. There are many ways to start, but we highly suggest following the five steps laid out in this article.

We hope that you find this article beneficial and can implement some of the techniques for running your Shopify store.

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