5 Geothermal Installation Maintenance Facts You Should Know

Geothermal Installation Maintenance

One of the advantages of having a geothermal installation system for your home is that it requires little maintenance. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals maintain geothermal Installation heat pumps on a regular basis and see first-hand the benefits of doing so. Because maintenance is so important to the efficiency and longevity of your system, you should be aware of the five facts about geothermal installation maintenance listed below.

  1. Installation:-

Make certain that your geothermal installation system is properly and professionally installed. A geothermal Installation heat pump has the same interior systems as a standard heat pump, but the outdoor components require careful planning for geothermal installation. Because of the geography of your yard, each setup is unique.

  • Antifreeze:-

Your geothermal installation system’s loops are filled with antifreeze or a water/antifreeze mix. In order for your system to function properly, you must maintain a proper level. Your system will require a professional inspection of the antifreeze levels in the loop on a regular basis. One of our experts can inspect the pressure and temperature within the loop during your maintenance check.

  • Dirt/Debris:-

Because you’re geothermal installation system is both outside and inside, dirt or other foreign matter may cause damage. We will clean any parts of your system that may have been contaminated by debris, such as the heat exchanger or blower. These parts are extremely delicate, and we do not recommend attempting to clean them yourself.

  •  Ductwork:-

The air ducts in your geothermal installation system are just as important as they are in a traditional furnace or air conditioning setup. You must maintain the health of your ducts in order to keep your airflow efficient and consistent. Keep them clean, inspect them for leaks on a regular basis, and repair them as needed.

  • Piping:-

During your scheduled maintenance, make sure one of our heating and cooling professionals inspects the pipes in your loop. The health of your pipes is critical to the operation of your geothermal Installation system. Damaged piping can cause a variety of other problems with your geothermal installation

 system. It is critical to keep them in good condition.

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