6 Engagement Ring Styles To Avoid

The wedding bells can be heard from a distance? Can you hear it? Well, if not, calm your mind and hear it from the core of your heart.

Rings are close to the heart, especially engagement rings. Looking for the perfect engagement ring can be a task. You can undoubtedly look for options and choose from available options. Simply search diamond rings buy online in your search bar and get the latest trends available. After all, it’s a one-time investment that will be etched in the heart and life of your fiance forever.

Seems like a lot of work? Well, the most tactful work is to avoid certain designs that hold the capability to ruin your special day. In this blog, we will enlighten you on what styles to avoid. 

Keep reading, and make your engagement day special. 

Engagement Ring Styles To Avoid

Whether you are someone with a unique taste of jewelry or someone who loves to customize the overall essence, or maybe a touch or vintage will enhance the overall look. Be sure that it’s a decorative piece of work that your fiance will wear daily. Extra bling or sparkle might make it look fancy, but that might not suit the person to carry along daily. Be practical while choosing the best. Keep it simple with a touch of special bling to make it stand out.  

Trends change with time; it is vital to know the latest designs and avoid those that can ruin your day. If you wish to avoid unwanted situations, keep reading and enlighten yourself with what to avoid. 

Here we go!

  • No more monotonous metals: There has been a fluctuating fashion of gold for more than a decade. Also, white gold is not much in fashion.  

Many brides are opting for various metals, including silver, platinum, rose gold, and wooden rings. These rings are making more statements than ever. Further, many brides choose to mix up two metals to make it more gorgeous.

  • Single stones: It might seem simple and elegant, but with time, people choose rings with two or three stones, making them look gorgeous and meaningful. Two stones represent the two hearts of the couple, and three represent the past, present, and future. A great way to express the beauty of a relationship. 
  • Diamonds aren’t always the best option:  The lustrous white stone may seem to be a heart winner, but apparently, colorful stones are more in trend. 

Black diamonds, emerald, peach sapphires, purple amethyst, blue topaz, or honey amber hues are ruling the game. If you are looking for something unique, you may search for diamond jewelry online India and get the perfect match for your fiance.

  • Traditional Rocks are boring:  Cuts like princess cuts and Marquise cuts have ruled the wedding market for ages. However, they are getting the last seat by losing the top spot with time. With the arrival of different shapes like oval, teardrop, shields, round, pears, or round, the craze for princess cuts and Marquise cuts is fading. 

You must be having a really special feeling for your fiance. So, it’s best to choose something out of the box and surprise her. Sometimes, it’s best to gift something unique and make the day special in every way. 

  • No split shanks: Apparently, many brides are opting for rings with a single band. There’s more craze for simplicity than depth and dimensions in the ring. 
  • Get acquainted with halo rings: A great trend taking away the breath of many brides is one stone-style halo engagement ring. These rings look super gorgeous and have a contemporary touch to them. There is a variety of it available with fancy cut stones such as teardrop or ovals. 

Ending note: 

Diamond and gold have captured the wedding market for ages, but with time, other metals have touched the hearts of many brides. Many metals have captured the market and made it stand out beautifully amidst many brides. If you are looking for something special for your fiance, go ahead and do your research and find the best match for her. It’s best to find something simple, practical, and beautiful simultaneously.  Get acquainted with the trend and buy the best.

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