7 Must-Have Features In Your Uber For Mechanic App

Uber for car repair service app

Every aspect of living is consistently revolutionizing with the advancements in technology. Therefore almost everything is made possible with just a few clicks and swipes on the smartphone screen. Therefore there is no need to be afraid of vehicle breakdowns in the midst of the road trips or tension of maintaining the vehicle. The Uber for mechanic app provides on-demand service for any vehicle issue. 

Based on research conducted in the U.S, it is recorded that almost 69 million vehicle breakdowns occur every year. This shows the demand for on-demand mechanic services. Thus make it easy for the people by developing an Uber for mechanic service app that connects the mechanics with the service seekers. 

Uber For ‘X’ App:

Uber is the pioneer on-demand service app with a massive number of users across the globe. The impeccable features integrated with the app provide a seamless user experience which is the major cause for the vast popularity of Uber. Looking at its massive rise in number, many entrepreneurs are looking ahead to developing an app like Uber. That is why the Uber for ‘X’ app concept is gaining popularity. The clone script of Uber is so versatile that a variety of on-demand service apps can be developed using it. 

The Seven Salient Features Of Uber For Mechanic App:

Advanced Search Bar:

There are a number of mechanics exhibiting their service through your app. In order to spot the right mechanic in the desired location, the user can use the advanced search bar. The filter and search features define the search and provide optimized results to the users to choose the right mechanic. 

Schedule A Booking:

Upon spotting the right service provider, the users can schedule a booking upon sending a service request. Based on their availability, the mechanics can either accept or reject the service request. 

Augmented Dispatch:

There might be situations where the users might be stuck in the middle of nowhere due to vehicle breakdown. In such cases, the app sends immediate notifications to the nearest mechanic. Thus the users can get connected with the mechanic available in close proximity. The mechanic then goes to the user’s location at once and does the service. This eliminates the long wait and provides an immediate solution to the user.

Multiple Payment Gateways:

The users can send the service fee through the app easily using the multiple payment gateways integrated into the app. Thus the users can pick their convenient method and make secure and instant payments right away. The mechanics link their bank account with the app. Therefore the service fee paid by the users gets credited to the account of the service providers instantly.

In-app Chat:

The users can contact the service provider using the in-app chat feature. Therefore any clarification about the service booking or related queries can be clarified easily.

Real-time Tracking/ Navigation:

Upon accepting the service request sent by the users, the users can track the arrival of the mechanic through the app in real-time. On the other hand, the mechanics are navigated through optimized routes for quick reach to the customer’s location. 

Push Notifications:

To retain the existing users, it is vital to keep them updated about every activity happening on your app. You can achieve this by sending constant push notifications. 

The Revenue Model Of Uber For Mechanics:

There is an ample number of ways to monetize your On-demand mechanic app development. It is crucial to choose the right revenue model. Some of the common yet effective methods to monetize your app are discussed below, 

Commission-based Model:

This is one of the most common ways to generate money. Upon successful completion of every service, the customers transact the service fee through the app and out of which a fixed percentage of the fee goes to the app as a commission. Thus it ensures a steady money flow to your app.

Featured Listings:

There are a huge number of service providers available in your app to exhibit their service. They pay a certain fee to get their name displayed on the app. In order to get their name displayed on the top of the list, an additional fee is applicable. The names on the top are likely to catch the eye of the users quickly. 


This is one of the effortless ways to generate money. You can utilize the banner space of your Uber for mechanics app to display the advertisements of third-party companies. Each time a user enters into the app and clicks on the ad, money goes to the app.

To Put It All Together,

Constant checkups in regular intervals and proper maintenance are important to increase the life period of a vehicle. With the evolution of on-demand mechanic service apps, any vehicle services can be availed at the doorstep or in the desired location of the users easily. 

If you already own a vehicle service shop, it is the right time to develop an Uber for car repair service app that can potentially elevate your business to reach new heights swiftly. 

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