7 Retro Toys That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

7 Retro Toys That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Toys instantly bring us back to childhood. The nostalgic embrace that some of the classic toys provide us is just magical. 

I still remember the feeling that I had when I found my twenty years old stuffed toy buried in the storage room. The nostalgia that enveloped me while holding the toy made me remember all those happy childhood memories. 

There is something about the classic retro toys, they instantly make you want to become a child again. 

Today, when the world has become a slave to technology, finding retro toys is not just difficult but also time-consuming. Moreover, today’s generation is so used to playing games online and having a variety of games just a click away, retro toys have lost their charisma amongst the youngsters. 

But the truth to be told, the numerous benefits that one could grasp through engaging with the retro toys are just amazing, and cannot be grasped through modern-day online games. 

The benefits of playing with retro toys range from increasing mental awareness to increase cognitive abilities, they also help in enhancing reflexes and the brain’s memory, moreover, it is to be said that these toys help in removing mild addictions and can also help with anxiety. 

Considering these exciting and great benefits of retro toys, let’s delve into some of the toys that I bet will make you feel like a kid again.


Well! It is impossible that the phrase ‘retro toys’ comes up and there is no mention of a Rubik’s cube. Versatile and extremely effective, a Rubik’s cube is one of the bestselling and most popular games. It remained a bestseller consistently for several years. The physical features of Rubik’s cube and the thrilling stimuli it presents to the player is just amazing. Exciting, beneficial, and cost-effective, a Rubik’s cube is one of the greatest toys of its time. 


This toy is hands down the most played game in the history of toys. Almost every kid possessed it. The beautiful colourful spiral floating inside the water allured every child into buying and playing with the toy. Moreover, the exercise that is granted to the thumbs was just an add on. Definitely an exciting and adventurous game.


Have you ever rotated along with the spinning tin-top during your childhood? Well! I surely have. If a tin top didn’t remind you of childhood then I don’t know what will. A toy that not only enhances our motor skill but also makes us understand a lot about physics. It surely was one of my favourite childhood toys. 

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Have you ever played teacher-student with etch a sketch? Most of us have developed our theatrical skills by etch the sketch by our side. This toy not just helped in our role plays but also made studying and doing our homework more fun. For all the times that we didn’t get punished for not completing our homework, we owe it to etch a sketch. 


Whether it be a festival or a nice summer evening, every time is a good time for flying the kite. Kites have been a part of the toy family for ages. There are festivals whereas a part of the festival culture the people are supposed to celebrate through collaboratively flying a kit. It is definitely an adventurous toy and gives a thrilling experience and a skill. 


You must have heard your parents talking about the games that involved those shiny cute little pebble-like shaped stones that are used in various forms of the game. This toy is though a bit more organized than the ones above, is still equally exciting and amazing. Moreover, this toy also helps in building teamwork and other similar soft skills. 


This one game is an absolute favourite of all part lovers in their early twenties and late nineties. Hook the fish, later on, got various variations such as hook the duck and hook the frog amongst the many, but hook the fish will always remain a classic. A fun game that helps us to focus and enhance our aiming skills, the idea behind hook a fish is to catch a fish through the fishing rod that is provided, both the fish and rod have a magnetic element on their ends which helps in the ‘hooking’. It is a really fun game.

All of the retro games just somehow bring all the memories of childhood. These games are definitely a solace in these troubling times. 

In fact, what would be better than parents introducing these games to their children and bond with them while playing some of their favourite games? Moreover, these games will provide great family time and will also help children with their skills. 

Though finding these retro games is extremely difficult, with cubelelo you can find these fun and exciting games at a single spot. 

So, go ahead and find your favourite toy and enjoy reliving childhood.

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