A detailed guide to employment pass Singapore in 2021

Employment Pass Singapore

There are many job opportunities in Singapore which is why they offer visas such as the Employment Pass Singapore permit. These job opportunities come from the different businesses that are present and currently operating in Singapore. Singapore is one of the most resilient and successful economies, different corporations from all kinds of industries are present here. These businesses require a large number of laborers. 

However, Singapore locals cannot meet the demand for the workforce in these Singaporean corporations. So the government offers easy work visa applications. The work visa that Singapore is issuing depends on the skillset and credentials of the person applying. 

If the foreign individual is a professional then they can apply for employment pass Singapore visa. For mid-skilled workers, the Spass is being issued. For unskilled to semi-skilled foreign candidates, Singapore gives the work permit depending on the industry they are working in. 

There many advantages to working in Singapore which is why many foreign individuals are interested in getting a working visa. If you are a working professional and want to try your luck here then the employment pass Singapore visa is for you. If you wanna no more here is a detailed guide on the employment pass work visa. 

Qualified candidates

If you want to apply for the employment pass Singapore visa then you have to take note of your eligibility. Singapore offers this work visa to all nationalities as long as they meet certain qualifications. These candidates should be at least 18 years old on the date of their application. The government does not allow minors under any circumstance to work in any Singapore-registered company.

Interested individuals should have a job offer in any Singaporean registered company to qualify. For the employment pass Singapore visa, the job position should be in the managerial or executive positions. Specialized job offers at the same level are also considered by the ministry of manpower.

The candidate should also be earning at least $4,500 starting September 1, 2020. However, for new applications from December 1, 2020, the minimum qualifying salary for the employment pass Singapore visa will be raised to $5,000. Older candidates have required a higher minimum salary and more experience related to the job. Since this work visa is offered to professionals, candidates should have a good university degree and experiences relevant to the job. 

How to apply

A candidate can apply through their sponsor empire that is registered in Singapore. If the company does not have a Singaporean office, they must find a representative that has one. The application can also be accomplished by an authorized third-party agency.

Each employment pass Singapore application would cost around $105. Once the work visa is issued an additional $225 for each visa will be charged. If the company that applied for the candidate has a Singaporean office then the application usually takes around three weeks. However, if the company is overseas then it could stretch out for about 8 weeks. 

Qualification can be double-checked through the self-assessment tool that is provided by the Singaporean government. This way you would immediately know what type of past is right for you.

Benefits of the employment pass

The employment pass Singapore visa offers many benefits to its holders. One of the benefits of being able to bring family members to Singapore as well. If the employment pass holder is already earning at least $6,000, Their sponsor company or the agency can apply for visas for their family members.

Employment pass holders legally-married spouses and unmarried children under 21 years old can get the dependant pass. While common laws spouses and their step-children younger than 21 years old can get the long-term visit pass. Handicapped children older than 21 years old can also be eligible to get the long-term visit pass. 

The employment pass Singapore visa is also valid for two years and can be renewed for up to three years. As long as the holder Has a clean record in any Singaporean agency, they allow this kind of extension. There is also no foreign worker quota per company that is why companies can get professionals as many as they need to.

Other work visa options 

S pass

If the employment passes are a work visa for professionals then the S pass is for mid-skilled workers. The candidate should be earning at least $2,500 to qualify for this type of work visa. They should also have a degree that is relevant to the job that they want to apply for.

However, Singapore considers technical certificates as long as it is relevant to the job. Family members of Spass holders are also eligible to apply for a visa in Singapore. The same qualifications apply to their family members.

One of the benefits of this work visa is that they are entitled to medical insurance from their employers. They can also renew the s pass as long as they do not have bad records in their previous years. 

Personalized employment pass

If you want to upgrade your employment pass Singapore visa then you can apply for the personalized employment pass. This work visa gives more benefits to the holders. One benefit that a holder can enjoy is that they can apply in any industry in Singapore.

They can also stay in Singapore for up to six months even if they do not have an employer. The holders of the employment pass are also allowed to change employers even without applying for a new type of work visa. They’re only required to inform the Singaporean government of the change in their employment.

Foreign candidates who are still working abroad can also apply for this work visa as long as their earning $18,000 monthly. Interested individuals can apply directly and don’t need a sponsor company to process their applications.


Entrepreneurs are also encouraged to apply for a work visa in Singapore. If you are a foreign individual that has business ideas that you want to register in Singapore then this visa is for you. As long as your business is venture-backed or has technological innovations then you can apply for this permit.

There are no minimum salary requirements if you want to apply for the EntrePass. You would just have to show proof of the business idea that you are incorporating in Singapore. If the business is already registered on the date of the application, it shouldn’t be more than six months old. However, a candidate can register his or her company after the past is issued. 

Apply for a visa today

There are many jobs and economic opportunities waiting for you in Singapore. If you want to apply for a work visa or an entrepreneur visa then Ren Ai Group is here to help. Just visit our website today to know more details.

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