About Kodachadri Hills

A hidden gem of the Western Ghats lies in the 13th highest peak of Karnataka. Kodachadri hills are covered with dense forest at a height of 4,411 feet above sea level.

The natural landscape of these hills are various such as waterfalls, forest, and various species of flora and fauna found here.

The refreshing and natural trails of these hills make it a very popular trekking destination in South India. 

The challenging trekking of Kodachadri hills is suitable for the freshies as well as for the professional trekkers.

The beauty of the Western ghats has a deep glimpse into the hills from the beginning to the end. No surprise, that the Government of Karnataka has declared it a natural heritage.

A combat forest along with the Mookambika wildlife sanctuary has to be preserved. Home to intense biodiversity, the national park is also a favorite spot for wildlife photographers.

The gorgeous forest with so many things to do and see plays a very important role in attracting tourists and trekkers.

Kodachadri hills are an escape from the city into the heart of nature, especially from Bangalore a good number of tourists are found here.

One night stay here with the group and the guides will work as a natural medication for the workaholics. 

About Kodachadri trek

An easy to moderate level of trek is the Kodachadri trek in Karnataka. A complete two days will be sufficient in embracing the hill of an average elevation of 4,302 feet. 

The green hills and the vast grassland works like a boon for the eyes. The shades of green found on every separate hill are just hard to forget.

The trek begins from the base village of either Nittur or Kattinahole. Trekkers have a choice for any base village, the base village of Kattinahole is the most favored spot for tourists as the trail also includes the majestic falls at Hidlumane.

The easy trekking trail starts from the base village of Vallur. Many available options for transportations for tourists.

Cover the distance of around 14km with friends through various modes and mediums.

The peak of the Kodachadri is like the canvas of multiple water paints. The green hills and the foggy sky are beautiful to capture.

Camping for one night is a must for the trekkers.

Set a bonfire and embrace the beauty of the pollution-free and fresh environment of the village and the hills.

Just for one night, the beauty of the twinkling starlight will be a cherry on the top of the whole trek. 

Bonfires with some music and food are the compact plan worth applying when in the middle of nature. The Mookambika wildlife sanctuary is the gem of the trek and might also turn out to be an adventure during the monsoon because of the steepness of the trail and the beauty of fresh vegetation.

How to reach

The base village of Nittur is close to 110km from Shimoga is easily accessible by any public or private transport. 

Via road: Bangalore has many local buses that go to the base village of Nittur. The Karnataka service transportation website has all the details about the buses.

If opting for self-drive, then the NH48 is Bangalore and Mumbai highway. 

Via airline: Mangalore international airport is just 170km away and is the nearest airport to reach the base village.

Best time to visit

October to February is the best time to visit and trek Kodachadri hill. Post monsoon and winter season is the best time to visit as a tourist can embrace the beauty of the hills. 

For the summers, the grasslands are refreshing to visit but the hills might look a little browner. 

The correct navigation and trekking experience can be fully enjoyed with correct guidance. Especially during monsoon, it is advisable for first-timers to get a guide so that they may not get trapped or lost.  

Things to carry

  • Water bottle with a minimum of 2-liter capacity
  • An energy drink
  • Trekking stick
  • Trekking shoes
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Dry or wet towels
  • Track pants
  • Personal toiletries
  • First aid box
  • Extra pair of clothes
  • Packed food
  • A digital camera with extra cells
  • Torch with extra batteries
  • Power banks

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