Advice on Choosing the Best Pregnancy Pillow

Best Pregnancy Pillow

Here is some best advice on choosing the best pregnancy pillow:-

  1. Size:-

Pregnancy pillows range in size from simple one-foot by one-foot wedges for your belly and back to 10-foot long U-shaped tubes for every part of your body.

Consider the following questions to help you choose the best pillow for your needs:

  • What size is your bed?
  • Will you be sleeping with others?
  • Where do you require the most assistance?
  • Do you prefer spot support (between your knees, for example) or full-body support?
  • Do you have a place to keep your pregnancy pillow when you’re not in bed?
  • Do you need to bring your pregnancy pillow with you?
  • Do you toss and turn a lot while sleeping?
  • Shape:-

Pregnancy pillows come in a variety of shapes and can be positioned in a variety of ways. The following are some of the more common options:

  • Wedge

The wedge pregnancy pillows are available in triangle or crescent shapes and are designed to wedge underneath whatever part of your body requires support. For example, when lying on your side, slide it underneath your belly or use it to prop your head up. If you’re using it to support your baby bump, adjust it as it grows.

  • Bean

The bean-shaped option, like the wedge, is ideal for targeted support exactly where you need it.

  • U-Shape

The U-shape covers you on both sides and has an opening at the bottom, making it ideal for supporting your head, neck, back, and belly. The benefit of this shape is that it provides both back and belly support and allows you to roll over without having to move the pillow with you.

  • Tube that is straight

The straight-tube pregnancy pillow is a full-length, long-body pillow that supports the front half of your body. Hug the pillow and place it between your legs so that one is on top of the pad and the other is underneath when lying on your side.

  • Filling:-

The filling in your pregnancy pillow can mean the difference between a good and bad night’s sleep.

Typical fillings include:

  • Air
  • Wool
  • Memory foam
  • Microbeads
  • Polyester fibers
  • Styrofoam balls
  • Natural filling
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