Best Features of Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats

Our homes are gradually becoming smart, and all credit goes to smart home technology devices. These devices allow us to manage our house and various systems in simpler ways and much more efficiently. The HVAC system, for instance, is one such system that has witnessed a leap towards greater ease of use, efficiency, and energy-saving, all thanks to the new-age smart thermostat. The smart thermostat is an advanced technology device that lets you control temperature – a basic feature of a thermostat – in better ways along with a greater range of functions. It has a host of smart functions that make it an innovation. Let’s take a look at those features-

Programmability and automatic temperature adjustment

Smart Thermostats are a breed of programmable thermostats that can easily be programmed to perform set adjustments in your home’s temperature. It controls your heating system as per the program and allows the home’s heat at different temperatures during different times of the day. You can simply set the temperature manually or via the mobile app for other times of the day as per your routine and leave the temp adjustment to the smart thermostat!

However, the smart thermostat isn’t called smart for this reason alone. It can also learn the user’s behavior, habits, and schedule, program accordingly, and automatically adjust the temperature. It can adapt to your life and make your life easy. Isn’t that something!

Easier temperature control

Smart thermostats make adjusting temperature super easy by completely taking the task off your hands! But when you need to Smart thermostats also make temperature control easy and smart in the following ways–

Remote Operation via mobile app

Whether you are sitting on a sofa inside your home or miles away from it, you can remotely control the temperature of a smart thermostat without even so much as having to get up. You only need to get on your device’s mobile app and control the temperature easily.


When you are away from home, much energy is wasted in keeping the house warm. Turning the system off may not be feasible as that means you’ll be arriving at a cold home.

With the geofencing feature, smart thermostats can track your location and change temperature accordingly to set back mode when no one’s home. This sets the heating low and back by a few degrees but keeps it comfortable and prepped when you come back home. This reduces wastage of energy, energy consumption, and bills.

Voice Control

When you are at home, in addition to the mobile app, you can easily adjust the temperature via the Voice control feature. Smart thermostats are compatible with most smart home platforms like Google Nest, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa.


Smart Thermostats also deliver notifications and alerts over the phone, keeping you up to date with the climate at home and in case of any problems.

Weather sensing and climate control

Smart thermostats can also sense changing seasons and the weather outside and adapt accordingly. For instance, if the season has grown warmer, the smart thermostat would automatically adjust the temperature taking the local forecast into account. This reduces the incidence, such as when you might be wasting energy heating when not required.

Multi Zone heating

A major drawback of traditional thermostats was that they could only heat to one set temperature for the entire home. They were good at uniform heating but not with customizing according to needs.

Smart thermostats are one major step ahead of traditional thermostats; they let you zone your home and heat them at different temperatures per your needs and requirements. For instance, if you use your living room more frequently than your bedroom or other spaces, you can zone the home to heat these spaces at a reduced temperature to conserve energy during the day and switch to your desired temperature during the night.

Temperature set back and eco mode

Smart thermostats can set back the temperature and save energy to heat less frequented spaces. Over time this helps save energy resulting in a lower cost of heating homes, although the effect can be noticed in your bills over durations as short as a month.

Heating is one of the highest expenditures for most homeowners. Therefore, reducing waste and efficient energy use that also saves you money is a smart decision that every homeowner should make. You can do this by investing in a smart thermostat from Tado°.

Tado° Smart Thermostat comes equipped with the latest technology and smart features like geofencing, voice control, eco mode. In addition to that, it has some more features that help maintain indoor air quality and sense wastage through open windows. Plus, no need to replace your entire HVAC system; Tado° is compatible with your existing heating radiator system.

Make a smart move and invest in the Tado° Smart Thermostat. Buy it here.

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