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                      Tasks of the management information system

In Objectives of management information systems as providing information at all levels

control at the most appropriate time, with an acceptable level of accuracy and economical

cost, such information is used in the decision-making process to change the state of the system by

taking appropriate action.

An important MIS requirement is feedback, which is a process

transmission of the measured system output to the control system, which ensures efficient control

system, usually a business system manager. It is these factors that allow the state

system to be modified.

Impact of a management information system (MIS) on the efficiency of a business organization.

MIS is an important component of an overall risk management strategy; he supports

management’s ability to conduct such reviews. MIS should be used for recognition, monitoring,

measure, limit and manage risks. Risk management has four main elements, which include:

  • Policy or practice.
  • Operational Processes.
  • Staff and management.
  • Feedback devices.

Operational processes and feedback devices are often interconnected and not easy

considered separately. The most efficient and convenient MIS should be both efficient and

informational. In this way, management can use the MIS to measure performance, allocate, manage and

monitor resources and help the institution comply with regulations. One example

it will be managing and reporting insider loans. MIS can also be used

Management should provide feedback on the effectiveness of risk controls.

          The problem of introducing a computer information management system

Some major factors determining whether the implementation will new ISU will resist and to which event they relate: Breaking established department boundaries: creating a new MIS is often leads to unit changes in several organizations.

Participation: When developing and implementing MIS functions, users should members of the operational managers of the MIS team, in particular, they must have certain say in the item to be included.

Placement of all information and possible work modifications if the entire design and implementation process is taken over by technology.

Communication: the purpose and characteristics of the system should be communicated to all MIS team members as well as users.

Redefining Performance Measurement: A new MIS can change a manager’s job to the moment when old methods of evaluating effectiveness are no longer applied or are no longer applied applicable.

Thus, the new MIS can free middle managers from many boring and routine tasks and can also enable them to use the information provided by the system in more creative and productive ways.

                           Benefits of a management information system

suggest that the successful implementation of MIS may bring


1. Potential reduction in office costs

2. Improved processing for more accurate results.

3. Intangible benefits such as customer relationships.

4. Improving working conditions and job satisfaction.

                          Analysis of Hypothesis

Factors                                                               Frequency                                                                     Percentage

Lack of MIS software and Program                           8                                                                                       0%      

Lack of Innovation and Invention                             19                                                                                     19%

Poor Technological Equipment and Advancement         58                                                                                 58%             

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