Best Sedan Cars to Buy in Kenya

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Today, in the world, Sedan cars have gained utmost popularity because of their unique features. Therefore, car lovers buy a sedan car as it gives them an ideal sporty experience.

The automobile industry is flourishing each day with constant innovation. The car manufacturers are working on innovative ideas to solve the problem of their customers. Therefore, the competition among sedan cars is very great.

Suppose you are looking for cars for sale in Kenya. Then, consider buying a sedan car. In this blog, we have listed a few amazing sedan cars that you can buy.

Top 10 Sedan Cars

Sedan cars are ruling the automobile industry because of their efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, if you are looking for the list of top sedan cars. Then do not go anywhere else; instead, continue reading.

1.     Toyota Crown

Toyota Crown is one of the safest and classiest vehicles you can buy. Toyota Motor Corporation keeps equipping it with advanced technology to make the lives of the consumers comfortable.

 It is equipped with an advanced safety system to minimize the damage done by the accidents. There are two grades of this model. It possesses a 2.5L engine and a hybrid engine as well.

The interior is quite similar to the latest model of Mercedes. There is enough legroom space for the people to sit and enjoy their luxurious ride. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with hard suspensions to give the driver a sporty feel.

2.     BMW 3 Series

The audience on the global level loves the BMW 3 series. Similarly, it is famous in Kenya.

It has grabbed the attention of the audience because of the amazing features it comes with. Five passengers can travel in this car comfortably. In the second place, it has plenty of legroom space. Finally, the passenger’s door also provides good storage spaces for people to store their stuff.

Equipped with modern technology and powerful engines, the driver enjoys his drive.  The driver can also use the control switch to enjoy a more comfortable ride. In addition to that, it comes with a lane-changing and collision warning system. So if you want to feel classy and at the same time make your rides enjoyable, then buy this.

3.     Mercedes Benz C- Class

Mercedes Benz is a brand that is the synonym of class. It is the brand that gives the latest innovative ideas. Thus, no competitor can beat its class in perfect design, utmost safety, and sheer comfort. It takes the lead in every aspect.

It gives five engine options to the customer. For them, the needs of the audience come first. It has comfortable seats and enough space for the people to sit and relax. The storage compartments are very useful for people to store their essentials.

It has an artificial system that includes an LED daylight running system, climate control technology, and a multi-functional steering wheel. So it has all the features a consumer wishes to see in the car. But it can be a little costlier.

4.     Toyota Mark X

Toyota Corporation is a company that takes into consideration the needs of all its users. It believes that not everyone can afford to buy a luxurious car. Thus, it adds innovative features and sells the vehicles at lesser prices.

Though, it comes with two engine options and provides good fuel efficiency. The maintenance is also not costly.

It has proper ABS, engine immobilizer, driver and passenger airbags for safety.  The interior and exterior features are also excellent. It is among the favorite cars of Kenyan people as it gives tough competition to the rivals.

5.     VW Passat

VW Passat is another famous European car that is popular in Kenya. The classy car has a long list of unique features that compels the audience to buy it.

The car manufacturer has manufactured the car with the choice of six engines. It also offers fair storage departments. The driver and the passengers can store their smartphones, cups, bags, etc.  The boot space can even store luggage of the family members.

The car looks classy as it has sharp features. It is equipped with SRS airbags and side bags to prevent injuries during accidents. If you are planning to go on family trips, then you should buy this car.

6.     Toyota Spade

You can see different models of Toyota are loved by the Kenyan people. Toyota Spade is one of the most popular sedan cars which the Kenyan audience loves. It comes with a 1.3-liter 1NR-FE engine which makes this car fuel-efficient.

The car stability controls help in maintaining the stability of the car when the brakes are applied suddenly. The electronic brakes help in maximizing the function of the brakes. The interior and exterior of the car are carefully designed, so it takes less parking space. Do check its specifications in detail if you plan to buy this vehicle.

7. Audi A4

Audi A4 comes with a 1998 cc engine, and its fuel tank has the capacity of storing 54 liters of fuelMoreover, a hybrid system is installed, which makes this car fuel-efficient. Families can go on long trips in this popular vehicle.

It has alloy wheels, an anti-lock braking system, and a multi-function steering wheel. As a result, five passengers can easily travel in the car without worrying about refueling the tank.

It has an efficient braking system and has driver-side airbags, front passenger airbags, and rear passenger airbags to minimize the damage.

Suppose you want to buy something which looks classy and is reliable. Then, consider buying this car.

7.     Honda Freed

It is also one of the famous Japanese vehicles which come with daunting features. It comes with a 1.5 L engine with a horsepower of almost 118 hp.  In addition to that, the fuel tank can store 36 liters while its combustion is around 6.2 liter per hour.

Making this car fuel-efficient and an excellent buy. With the rising fuel prices, we all need a fuel-efficient vehicle.

The vehicle is designed very keenly by keeping the comfort of the audience in mind. It has five doors and allows seven people to sit comfortably and enjoy their family rides. In addition, the aerodynamic shape of the vehicle adds more charm to it.

8.     Toyota Premio

Toyota Premio is one of the most favorite cars of Kenyans because of its reliable features. This vehicle comes with three engine options. They are a 1.5Litre 1NZ engine, the 2.0Litre 3ZR engine, and the 1.8Litre 2ZR engine. All linked to the CVT transmission to ensure the driver enjoys his driving experience.

The seats and the headrests are comfortable, can carry medium-sized suitcases, and five passengers can enjoy their family trips. Moreover, spare parts are also readily available in Kenya. So do check out the page cars for sale in Kenya to purchase your Toyota premium today!

9.     Mazda 6

If we start talking about the super cool features, we have to dedicate one blog to it. First, it is the cutest sedan vehicle one can ever buy. Second, it provides the option of two 2.5-liter four-cylinder engines. Finally, equipped with a powerful turbo engine, it is fun to drive.

It has comfortable interior features so the passengers can sit comfortably. It also provides a premium cabin so passengers can store their essentials. In addition to that, it comes with advanced LED lightings and has seventeen-inch alloys.

10. Nissan Note

Nissan Note accommodates five people easily. Its design is similar to a minivan to make sure that people feel relaxed while they are on a trip as it provides plenty of legroom space to the passengers, large windows, and good cabinet storage.

It is equipped with a 1.2L HR12DE three-cylinder that generates a power output of 79 PS at 6000. In addition to that, you can buy this car without having to spend your millions of Kenyan shillings.

The manufacturers have already sold millions of Nissan Note as it proved to be the game-changer for them.


Sedan cars have many advantages, which makes them famous among consumers. We all want to spend our hard-earned money on valuable things. Investing in the vehicle is a big decision, and we want you to choose something unique and worthy of being bought.

We genuinely hope our blog helped you to find an amazing sedan car for yourself. Suppose you have already selected a car for yourself. Then, check the list of cars for sale in Kenya.

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