Bubble Wrap: Tips, What to Pack and Alternatives

Bubble Wrap

There’s nothing better than Bubble Wraps to keep safe your most expensive, most valuable stuff when you are on the move. But let’s share a secret…movers rarely use bubble wrap while they shift your things.

Not because bubble wraps don’t work. It obviously does work. But the professionals know that the little bubbled wrapping sheets add up to the bulk. It is also, comparatively, an expensive kind of cushioning. Kraft packing paper, if used correctly, will serve most packing purposes and save both your money and space in the boxes.

Five Quick Tips in Using Bubble Wraps

  • Put a layer of packing paper between your bubble wrap and television set. Particularly in extreme temperatures, plastic can leave a mark on your TV screen. So, this goes for anything that you pack in Bubble Wraps. For those items with sharp edges, some extra paper around those corners can keep them from poking right through the plastic.
  • Wrap your items with the bubbled side facing inwards for better protection against exterior pressure and accidental impact. The flat side is easier to hold tapes and to write on, in case you want to write which box holds what.
  • Do not rely upon just one layer of Bubble Wrap. Two layers of small bubble wraps maybe enough for stemware, but this would be in addition to a lot of kraft papers inside your cardboard box. If you are using bigger air-filled sheets for heavier items like a CPU or a framed mirror, one layer maybe sufficient, but only if enough crumpled packing paper is there for extra cushioning.
  • Keep the bubble wraps in place firmly by taping not only along the edges but all around the item. Use a generous amount of adhesive tape to keep your boxes safe and secured, discarding any chances of the box to open and things falling out.
  • Keep a pair of scissors handy when you are unpacking. Do not try to tear the packages open as it would be really disappointing if anything breaks while you use force in opening the box.

When To Consider a Bubble Wrap for Packaging?

Fragile items, valuables, heavy goods, items that are difficult to replace. If you are looking at something yet cannot decide whether to wrap it? Just give it a wrap.

If you need to know specifically, we would suggest bubble wraps for:

  • Glass shelving and tabletops
  • Flat screen television sets
  • Stemware and fine bone China
  • Electronics and computers
  • Dainty decorative pieces
  • Large mirrors and picture frames.

Why Are Bubble Wraps So Much Preferred Across the Packaging Industry?

Bubble Wrap Provides Quality Insulation

Bubble wrap offers brilliant protection, and there’s no doubt about it, and thus its popularity. During transportation, items are often mishandled or can come across hard hits leading to damages in the products. One can always use the wraps to secure the things before they are being shipped.

Bubble Wrap is Reusable

Another useful feature of Bubble Wraps is that they can be reused very easily, and a number of times. Unlike cardboard boxes, which are strictly not recommended for moving purposes, you can reuse Bubble wraps.

Bubble Wrap is Lightweight

Because it’s lightweight as well, Bubble Wraps are so widely preferred. As a name suggests, the air bubbles make the material very strong and lightweight.

But If Not Bubble Wraps, Then What?

Packing papers are the standard alternatives for Bubble Wraps. In fact, you need not have to have kraft packing papers always. You can also use crumpled newspapers, towels, rugs, anything form-fitting and sturdy can also be used as the makeshift alternative. As long as you pad and secure your items in a balanced way, it need not have to be very expensive.

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