Celebrate New Year Party In USA

Celebrate New Year Party In USA

The best time of the year has arrived! Yes, we’re talking about the holiday season. When the air gets chilly, overcoats come out of the closet, people decorate their houses, and people become enthusiastic.  

People start making plans for the New Year for months. What party to attend, where to visit, what to wear, and a lot more. The US, as we all know, is the country of celebrations. New York, Las Vegas, and almost all the party cities are a part of this country. Hence there is no better place to be than to be in one of these cities this year. 

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We are here to help you make the most appropriate choice. The following list is a set of places that throws the best New year parties in the States. Be a part of one and make this New Year a lot better than any other.  

New York City

The city that welcomes over a million visitors every New Year, New York throws the best parties. Times Square is where you get to encounter a whole different holiday spirit. This is where the country organizes the grand celebration, and hundreds of thousands of people become a part of this. As the end of the year arrives, the ceremonial ball is lowered, lights are hung, and colorful fireworks start lighting the sky. In addition to this huge merrymaking at Times Square, the city also organizes various parties in each corner. Every bar, hotel, auditorium organized live musical events, dance parties, and even costume parties for you to be a part of. 

Las Vegas

A city that is known to throw the best parties throughout the year stands out as the holiday season arrives. Las Vegas is a hub of the world’s best bars and clubs. On the eve of New year, each of these bars and clubs arranges a completely different type of party than the other. This place is for families, friends, couples, and singles. Choose the party that suits your preferences, and the city will take care of the rest. Million visitors from different parts of the world head to Las Vegas and become a part of the celebration. Be one of them and see what a real party looks like. 

New Orleans

If you are not a big fan of winters, New Orleans is a place where you can enjoy New year with warm weather and the best decorations all across the city. This place is not about the parties it organizes, but it is a complete party in itself. Locals of New Orleans welcome their guests with open arms and hearts. From the best celebration food, drinks, music, and parties that go on till the next morning, there is not a single minute when you will get bored when in New Orleans. As soon as the clock hits 12, you get to see fireworks hitting the sky with gorgeous colors. 

Los Angeles

One of the few large cities in America, Las Angeles organizes hundreds of parties for the locals and the tourists. You get to choose from a whole lot of parties of different styles. However, the city organizes the biggest celebration at the Grand Park. This party goes on even after the clock strikes 12. Highlights that attract the maximum number of excited people to this party are the food trucks lined up all across, live music events, and the best crowd you will not find anywhere. In addition to that, you can also head to Queen Mary later at night and be a part of another joyful welcoming of the new year. 


If winter chills fill your soul with another level of excitement, then visit Chicago and start a new year in your most favorite settings. The city throws the most appropriate parties, especially for singles, who don’t want to spend the eve alone. Pack your thigh-high boots, gorgeous overcoats, and classy hats, and head to the Navy Pier in Chicago for a celebration you will never forget. With the food, drinks, decorations, and music, here you get to see precisely carved ice sculptures that are mesmerizingly beautiful to look at. 

Washington D.C

The home to our beloved, honored Queen the Majesty, Washington D.C., has to throw the grand and royal New Year parties in the world. No matter where you have attended wild, adventurous, loud parties in the country, here in Washington, you get to be a part of the royal lifestyle for the day. the city organizes balls and galas in different parts. Additionally, you get to taste the finest of the wine, the most delicious food platters, and music that will move your body to its rhythm. Lights are lit up, fireworks are busted, and people are dressed up to their best. 


If you are planning to visit Miami this New Year, book your place in advance at the largest celebration in the city at Fontainebleau. Every year, this resort organizes an eve party like nowhere else. You get to experience a huge variety of food items, new experimental drinks, live performers singing and dancing, and a lot more activities for you and your kids to enjoy here. Since the resort is located by the sea, you also get to enjoy the beach fun. Start a bonfire, pick up your guitar, and put a perfect end to this wonderful year with all the possible positive vibes. 


Dallas organizes the best parties for people coming to the country with their families. Amongst all the wonderful celebrations around Dallas, the best one is the New Year’s Eve Ball and Showcase. Here you not only get to go wild and loud but can also have a peaceful and soothing celebration in the ballroom. This party is themed as a black tie. So don’t forget to pack your finest suit and head to Dallas to spend a New Year’s eve in style. 

All we wish for our readers is to spend a New year like never before. And this is why we advise you to make Alaska Airlines Booking and start packing your bags already. We hope you get an experience of a lifetime when you are in the country. 

We wish you a Happiest New Year and a fresh beginning of a lot of adventurous, new chapters of your life!

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