Cloud Computing Models: Learn More About IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS!

Cloud Computing

Are you scared about losing data from your PC or due to any security threat or breaching activity? If yes, it’s time that you think about Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is a service that offers storage and processing powers over the internet. You usually have to pay a little for it – or some of the cloud spaces such as Google Drive are free for some time.

A benefit of using cloud computing from a cloud service provider is that you can save a huge amount of money that is otherwise needed to set up your own IT infrastructure. If you rent out the cloud computing services, you pay for the services as long as you are using them. Hence, there is practically no loss.

On the other hand, the Cloud Computing Service Providers take advantage of delivering the services at certain charges. You can use the cloud if you have a good internet connection, such as spectrum. So, check out the spectrum internet prices and figure out the very affordable rates.

You must be wondering, why do call it Cloud Computing, right?

Well, to break this bubble, is given this name because of the location of the service. Your data can be anywhere but not on the hardware or the operating system that you are currently using. Although it keeps your data safe as a backup during any uncertain times, it becomes a major issue as well. Many customers do not like this idea as they don’t really know the location of their services and data.

Cloud Computing Models

The Umbrella term of Cloud Computing can be broken down into three models. The details of them are as follows:


Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is the basic building of cloud computing. It can be physical or on virtual servers. You can rent it out quite easily. If a company wants to develop applications from scratch but lacks technical skills, IaaS is the solution. It allows them to control all elements on their own without having to worry about the technical side.

A lot of entrepreneurs have found IaaS quite helpful in deploying newer applications without spending much time. However, there are still others that do not consider IaaS as something secure for their data.


It is the second component of the service. PaaS includes everything ranging from database management, operating systems, development tools, and others. Other elements such as storage, networking, and virtual servers also come under the company’s own developers.


SaaS is the version of cloud computing that is most common in our everyday life. Many people are using it in one way or the delivery. It is something that we usually use in the form of CRM software, Microsoft Office 365, and others. It is actually the applications and system infrastructure software.

You can make use of all three cloud computing elements if you have an affordable connection. Fortunately, spectrum internet prices are super affordable for people all over the USA.

Advantages of Cloud Computing Services

Some of the perks of using Services are as follows:

  • It takes lesser time than required to develop your own infrastructure
  • You don’t have to buy servers, update applications or operating systems
  • You don’t have to worry about the up-gradation of hardware and software
  • The Computing Company tends to be more experienced and skilled
  • You can fasten the pace of many operations
  • Cloud computing is a keen advocate of business agility
  • Cloud computing is super easy to scale up in no time

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing Services

Some of the downsides of using cloud computing services – especially renting them out are as follows:

  • It can be expensive than setting up your own infrastructure
  • Companies may hesitate to share data with any other company
  • Migrating existing data to the cloud may be very complicated
  • The upfront migration costs often outweigh the saving by IaaS
  • You can’t access your data without an internet connection

Although you don’t really have to worry about the internet connection, this can still be a problem. Spectrum internet pricesare very affordable, and the internet quality is excellent. They do not put you in any trouble by having a hard time with the network speed and frequent disconnections.

The Verdict

Although the final decision entirely depends on you, it’s your operations that you must keep in mind. If you can hire your in-house cloud computing experts, you must go for it. However, if you do not have technical excellence, maybe renting out a computing service might help. In that case, you have to be very careful about the data that you have trusted the other company with.

Keeping all the advantages and disadvantages in mind, the best in your interest is to discuss with someone who understands services completely. So, best of luck choosing the right service for your data!

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