Complete Guide to learn about technologies used in call quality testing and monitoring!

call quality testing and monitoring

The telecom industry is diverse, and there is a use in every sector. Call services are being considered by businesses of all sizes, from small to large, to interact with customers and generate more and more revenue. But if the call quality is not good, people will not be able to connect with the client, and getting services will be difficult.

In that case, the call testing solutions do help people. Numerous technologies are considered for call quality, and after implementing these solutions, people are in a position to receive the highest quality services.

In this article, we discuss the technologies that the testing agencies consider to test the call quality. Let’s have a look!

Technologies under consideration for call quality testing and monitoring include:

·       AQuA:

AQuA, The Audio quality analyzer alternative for POLQA and ViSQOL is one of the most powerful yet simple tools available for providing perceptual voice quality analysis. It allows the users to compare the references and testing audios in order to receive a quality MOS score along with a set of reports and reasons indicating the causes of the integration of sound quality.

A human hearing model is considered for analyzing the reference signal and testing to estimate an object according to the listener’s opinion. This is one of the easiest ways to compare two audio files and evaluate the voice quality between the referenced and test files. Additionally, it turned out to be the most flexible tool for end-to-end voice quality analysis on the market and is widely used by organizations.

·       PVQA:

A passive voice quality analyzer is a tool for passive call quality analysis. It is also among the most powerful tools for non-intrusively evaluating voice quality by waveform analysis. The waveform analysis is in consideration to find out about the bugs and check out the score as well. It provides a more accurate report as compared to other tools available on the market.

The best part is that this tool works well in real-time and also offers them opportunities to develop the right voice quality testing solutions, so there will be no dependency on particular hardware or software for it.

·       QualTest:

QualTest is a mobile test solution consisting of different mobile test probes for backend and frontend in order to automate the mobile and VOIP tests. This platform is under consideration for single and cell testing, along with gathering and analyzing the call or deal quality matrices. Basically, this is an application used for Android-powered devices, and both of them work with cellular networks and VoIP.

Furthermore, a report mentioning the call quality is generated, which is helpful in finalizing whether it is working fine or not. It works perfectly with unrooted and rooted mobile phones, and analysis can be done on mobile devices themselves.

·       VQM: voice quality monitoring

Voice quality monitoring from SEVANA is eye candy and it allows users to enable end-to-end call quality analysis along with monitoring and detecting the related issues. With the help of other technologies for network monitoring, the servers are put together to make a force of audio waveforms that can help with analysis.

So yes, the following are the technologies in consideration for call quality testing and monitoring. It is important to reach out to the best service providers around that will cater to the need for call quality monitoring and offer the best services as well! 

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