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Web Apps and Mobile Apps – an Introduction for the beginners

With easy availability and increased usage of mobile devices, different online and offline applications are immensely popular among smartphone users. Web apps and mobile apps both can be accessed from any mobile device anytime and from any location. Even a decade ago, companies only relied on quality websites to promote their brand in cyberspace and increase their online visibility. But, nowadays it has become a necessity for every brand to launch their mobile app in the market. However, there are many differences between the two.

Web Apps vs. Mobile Apps

  • Web apps can be accessed through the web browser on your PC or mobile. So, to access a web app internet connection is mandatory. Whereas, mobile apps might or might not need an internet connection to run. Depending upon the functionality of the mobile app, you can access almost all the features in offline mode. Though for certain functions and updates you might need internet connectivity.
  • Web apps are not platform-specific and can be accessed through any device and any platform. But, mobile apps are built based on different platforms like android, iOS, Windows, etc. So, based on the OS of your mobile device you need to install the specific mobile app made for that device.
  • You don’t need to install web apps but just need to type the URL in your browser that will run the web app. But mobile apps need to get installed and downloaded to get run. Mobile apps occupy some space in your phone and it remains in your device till you uninstall the same. Web apps are completely web-based and do not occupy any space in your device.
  • It is easier to hack web apps as the source code can be viewed by hackers. In the case of mobile apps, there is no such possibility so more and more brands are trying to convince the users to download the apps and use them for better security.
  • Mobile apps use your personal information and data and are completely interactive. It fetches data from your device and gives you a personalized experience. This option is not available in web apps as you can only view whatever the company has put on the website for the viewers to see.
  • Web apps are not costly to make and are simpler to make and publish. Mobile apps are platform-oriented and different technologies are used to develop mobile apps for different platforms. So, they are a bit complicated to develop and publish. Also, they are costlier than normal web apps.
  • Mobile apps are much faster, user-friendly, and are more attractive in terms of look and feel. On the other hand, web apps are more traditional and might not be as fast as mobile apps.

In a nutshell, both web apps and mobile apps play an important role in the marketing point of view. But, to stay updated with the latest technologies and market trends, mobile apps are preferred mostly.

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