Custom Rigid Boxes Details & FAQs

Custom rigid boxes

Custom Rigid Boxes are used in many applications, including packaging and shipping. They are normally made of corrugated cardboard with flaps that fold together to close the box. Companies place their products inside this structure to prevent movement during the shipping process. 

Components Required For Rigid Boxes Wholesale

Rigid Boxes Wholesale are designed for specific products to enhance protection or create multi-level displays, depending on their construction. You can produce these boxes in various sizes according to need. The construction method will remain fairly consistent no matter what size you choose. The main components required for custom rigid boxes include: 


These will run down both sides of the box at right angles to the direction in which it will open


These are separate pieces of cardboard that are adhered together to create the box

End panels 

These cover the ends of the box once it’s complete

Bottom panel 

This section will sit under all of the other components and stabilize the whole structure.

The stiffeners are usually made out of corrugated cardboard with a single layer of fluting. They are glued or taped to both sides of each piece. The panels are cut to interlock at right angles when they come together. They create space for items inside. 

It ensures that no matter what position your custom rigid boxes are in when handlers move about them during shipping, there is minimal chance for things to shift around inside. 

The purpose behind adding layers on top of one another is to keep products from breaking through the bottom of the box. It also helps prevent dents and other imperfections when products are stacked on top of each other during shipping. That is the reason this method is frequently used. 

The last component for custom rigid boxes is a bottom panel, otherwise known as a base. This structure supports the entire box. So, it doesn’t become crushed under its weight or by extra items being added to your shipment.

Usage of Custom Rigid Boxes 

This type of protective packaging is ideal for breakable shipping objects. There are no sharp edges to damage your goods upon arrival at their final destination. Even, they toss around by handlers who don’t know better. It’s important not to forget that you can choose from various fluting options for your stiffeners and panels. 

For example, if you need strength and high resistance to wear and tear, consider choosing double thick or triple thick panels. It will provide more support than standard cardboard. Because each piece is glued together instead of tape, there won’t be any separation with sharp folds over time. 

It makes it an excellent choice for very large custom rigid boxes that may be around longer than others.

Most companies also offer short run custom rigid boxes. So, if you only need a few pieces shortly, you won’t have to order hundreds at once. The price you pay will vary based on the size and thickness of the material required. 

Custom rigid boxes are more affordable than some other options on the market. It will save you money in the long run. Many companies also offer discounts for bulk orders. So, make sure to ask about any special offers if your business looks to ship items regularly.

When you’re ready to start shipping, fill out an order form and let the manufacturer know what type of material you prefer. Odds are they have something that will work perfectly for your needs. If not, many companies will use their connections in the supply chain industry to track down exactly what you require. 

So, you can ship your products safely. Once everything has been set up, they’ll begin building your order, so it’s ready when you need it.

Custom Rigid Boxes FAQs:

Can I Get Custom Rigid Boxes With Adhesive Tape And Double Wall Construction? What If I Need Something Smaller?

Adhesive tape can be used as a cheaper alternative to gluing. It tends to lose its stickiness more frequently as time goes on. It isn’t an issue with glued pieces. You will usually find that larger orders come with double wall construction. It is the most popular option for shipping heavy items. 

Single-wall may work better for you if you have a lighter shipment that only needs one inner layer of cardboard for support. As for size, tell the manufacturer what you’re shipping. They will provide accurate pricing and quotes.

What Are Custom Rigid Boxes Made Of?

Custom rigid boxes are usually created with corrugated cardboard, which considers the industry standard. It’s affordable, lightweight, recyclable, and manufactured in various thicknesses. It’s also fairly sturdy for its size. You may use double walled fluting or extra panels if you have very heavy products that need extra support. Other popular materials include:

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Foam
  • Paperboard
  • Chipboard
  • Polystyrene foam (Styrofoam)
  • EPS (extruded polystyrene)
  • MDF (medium density fiberboard) 

All these items will vary based on the box size and shipping requirements.

Are Custom Printed Rigid Boxes Recyclable?

Yes, they are usually made of recycled materials. You can feel good about receiving and shipping them. If your company is looking for 100% recyclable Custom Printed Rigid Boxes, look for cardboard with an SCS (Scrap Carryover System) rating of at least 80%. 

It means it contains at least 20% of the total scrap material from the manufacturing process. It will ensure that your products meet all environmental needs and provide excellent protection during transit.

What Is A General Purpose Custom Rigid Box?

Some custom rigid box is ideal for shipping smaller items such as electronics or jewelry. There isn’t much space between each panel to fit larger goods inside. They also work well when you have many smaller items to send out. 

Fill the box up and seal it without worrying about any shifting. Keep in mind that this type of construction can be weaker than other options. So, if you plan on shipping heavy products, make sure you choose thick backing material and extra bracing to prevent products from shifting during transit.

Are Custom Rigid Boxes Strong?

Custom Printed Rigid Boxes are made with an average thickness of 200 pounds per inch (PPI) to 285 PPI for routine jobs. However, heavier duty pieces may have a thicker composition depending on your needs. If you’re unsure what measurement is best for your business, contact a supplier for more information.

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