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Michelin Tyres Birmingham

Michelin is one of the best tyre brands on the planet that provides a wide range of premium-quality and durable Michelin Tyres Birmingham for all types of cars and models. Established over a century ago, the company has performed constant research and development to create new and innovative tyres for its customers.

Michelin uses special compounds and clever tread design to create tyres that will perform well in tough road and weather conditions. Also, the company is well-known for tyres that deliver improved traction and stability to tackle on and off-roading terrains. Moreover, it also makes tyres for agricultural purposes, industrial machines as well as trucks.

Different series of Michelin tyres

Summer Tyres: Summer tyres are perfect for temperatures above 7°C. These tyres are manufactured with special compounds to make them last longer and reduce the risk of premature wear and tear in the summers. Moreover, installing summer tyres will not only improve performance but will also reduce fuel consumption.

Some Michelin Summer Models


Primacy 4


Winter Tyres: Winter tyres are ideal for temperatures below 7°C. These tyres are built with flexible rubber compounds to ensure they last longer and deliver the best comfort and safety during the winters. Moreover, installing winter tyres on your vehicle in the coldest months of the year will prevent your car from skidding and reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

Some Michelin Winter Models

Alpin 6


Alpin 5

All-season Tyres: As the name indicates, all-season tyres by Michelin are well-known for their perfect blend of summer and winter tyres and deliver reliable performance in moderate weather conditions. All-season tyres are ideal for car owners who don’t want the hassle of removing tyres every new season and want the best performance.

Some Michelin All-season Tyres



4×4 Tyres: 4×4 Tyres are specially made for delivering enhanced performance, safety and comfort to SUVs and CUVs. Installing 4×4 tyres on your vehicle will help reduce fuel consumption or tackle extreme off-roading terrains. There are three kinds of 4×4 tyres known as HT, AT and MT. The HT tyres are made to provide a comfortable drive in cities, while the MT tyres offer excellent off-roading performance. Moreover, the AT tyres are a mixture of HT and MT and provide dependable performance in all road conditions. Also, the tread pattern on these tyres improves responsiveness and offers better stability and grip while driving.

Some Michelin 4×4 Tyres

Latitude Sport 3

Latitude Coss

Latitude Alpin LA2

Performance Tyres: You can explore a wide range of performance tyres by Michelin built to support the high performance of your sports or luxury car. Performance tyres are well-known for delivering superior control and handling at high speeds. Also, these tyres will provide maximum safety and stability when compared to standard units. Performance Tyres are specially made to deliver track performance on city roads without compromising your on-road safety. Moreover, these tyres can face extreme pressure while driving at high speeds and provide impressive cornering and braking performance.

Some Michelin Performance Tyres



Pilot Sport 4 SUV


Different product family By Michelin

CrossClimate: This series by Michelin provides long-lasting tyres that perform well in all weather conditions.

Alpin: The alpine series contains tyres made to tackle severe winter conditions and deliver long-lasting performance.

Primacy: The Primacy tyre range contains touring tyres by Michelin specially built to provide a comfortable drive.

Pilot: The Pilot range is a well-known collection of premium-quality performance tyres that deliver enhanced control and safety.

Latitude: The Latitude tyre range by Michelin is specifically created for SUVs.

Agilis: The Agilis tyre range contains durable tyres for commercial as well as light trucks. Reduce downtime and improve performance by installing these tyres on your van.

Energy: This tyre range by Michelin is built for car owners looking to get the best fuel economy and comfort.

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