Difference between Aftershave and Cologne

The world of fragrances, designer or cheap perfumes can be overwhelming at times. There are different types of perfumes available and those are Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau fraiche and Eau de cologne.

When it comes to men’s fragrances, it is easy to get confused between cologne and aftershave because they both smell masculine. But that is not the case. Let us understand the difference between cologne and aftershave.


Aftershaves can be in the form of liquid, gel, or oil that are used on the face after shaving. It is used to disinfect and soothe your skin. Below we have listed detailed benefits of using natural aftershaves.

Benefits of Using Aftershaves

As the name implies after haves are used to treat your skin after shaving. Traditionally alcohol-based aftershave act as a sanitiser after shaving facial hair. This is because during shave we often leave behind tiny cuts and that exposes the skin and pores to likely trap bacteria.

Aftershave contains ingredients that are similar to hand sanitiser such as ethyl alcohol. These ingredients kill bacteria and toxins from the face after a shave. Alcohol base aftershaves can be harmful or sensitive to the skin therefore use of natural essential oils such as coconut or jojoba oil can be a great alternative. These natural oils not only prevent the skin from a probable bacteria attack but also moisturise skin and add a pleasant fragrance to your skin.

There are cheap aftershaves available in the market that are equally good and will do good to your skin just to make sure that they contain natural ingredients.

Natural aftershaves reduce itching and swelling that happens due to damaged skin or ingrown hair. It also acts as a quick healer. It also promotes regrowth of the skin tissues while retaining moisture and prevent hair follicle inflammation.


Cologne is a fragrance that has a lower concentration of essential oil and is usually marketed for men. Its last only for a few hours. A cologne is formulated to have 2-5% of perfume oil and the rest is alcohol. Whereas perfume contains 20-40% of scent oil. It lasts up to 8 hours.

Colognes are applied directly to the skin so that the essential oils present inside is absorbed in the skin with its natural oil. It is best to apply cologne on the pulse point where constant body temperature can heat the oil and release the fragrance in the air.

Usually, ingredients involved in making cologne include essential oils from flowering plants, but nowadays, synthetically produced essential oils are being used, and these can be counted under the category of cheap fragrances in comparison to cologne made from rare essential oils. Alcohol and water are the two important ingredients used for making cologne.

Cologne can be used as a fragrance, but aftershaves are used because it is hygienic and disinfect the skin after shaving.

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