Difference Between All-Season and All-Terrain Tyre

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Do your drive your vehicle on irregular road surfaces with your tyre? Do you run your car when weather conditions are not in your favour? If yes, you need to consider both the road surface and weather while you buy new tyres for your car.

Most drivers do not like the idea to use two sets of tyres for challenging weather and they mostly prefers for their safety All Season Tyres Darlington to cope with undesired weather conditions.

Similarly, all-terrain tyres are designed for car drivers who have to drive their cars in off-road conditions.

In this blog, we are going to make a comparison between these two vital types of tyres.

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Difference between all-terrain and all-season tyres

To understand the difference between these tyres, let us look at the most common factors that are essential to consider by car drivers.

Type of vehicle:

All-terrain tyres are made for unfavourable road conditions and drivers are supposed to face harsh weather conditions as well. Thus, these tyres are suitable for trucks and SUVs.

On the other hand, cars and vans come with all-season tyres. It is possible to fit all-terrain tyres in a number of models of cars and vans but compatibility issues will be there to cause problems for car drivers.


All-terrain tyres are available with an aggressive tread pattern. These tyre have larger and deeper tread blocks in the comparison with all-season tyres.

Larger tread blocks held all-terrain tyres to maintain a proper grip on sand, mud and rocks.

All-season tyres come with shallower tread blocks that are made to run on both dry and wet roads. All-season tyres are suitable for a layer of mild snow on the roads as well.

Driving goals:

All-season tyres are designed to use throughout the year. It clearly means that they are fit for most driving conditions. You do not need to change these tyres just because of moderate changes in weather. 

All-terrain tyres can be used for daily driving but usually, drivers use them for specific goals like driving in areas where off-road conditions and on-road conditions frequently take place.

Rate of wear and tear:

All-season tyres hardly face unfavourable road conditions since they are made for moderate weather. Thus, the chances of wear and tear for these tyres are not higher.

On the other hand, all-terrain tyres are more prone to face tread wear. Thus, you can expect a shorter lifespan of all-terrain tyres in comparison with all-season tyres.

What are your driving goals?

If you know well that you are going to drive on irregular roads often, you have to install all-terrain tyres in your vehicle. However, all-terrain tyres are made for both smooth roads and unconstructed surfaces but most drivers will prefer these tyres for off-road conditions as well.

What is your budget?

If you are a price-conscious person, you have to think about the cost of all-season and all-terrain tyres before making a final decision. You have to note that all-terrain tyres are costlier than all-season tyres. Moreover, they wear at a faster rate when compared with all-season tyres. 

What is your final choice?

The answer to this question will be different for every car driver. Driving goals, weather conditions, and road conditions are not the same and you have to consider the cost as well. 

Trusted tyres dealers may help you also to find perfect tyres. They are familiar with most branded tyres in the market. Therefore, they can suggest suitable tyres for your vehicle. Furthermore, browsing websites to buy new Tyres Darlington is also possible because most tyre makers and dealers have their own web pages to inform you about their branded products.

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