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Are you considering a career in operating either the EWP, Haul Truck or the Tele Handler in Brisbane and you have no idea where to start? This article is the answer to all your questions. In Brisbane, in order to operate either the EWP, Haul Truck or the Tele Handler, there are some requirements that you would need to meet. However, worry not as these requirements are very simple and easy to meet. All you need is to sign up for the relevant training courses. This is in order to equip you with all the skills and experience necessary to be able to successfully carry out the relevant work tasks. You also need to obtain the relevant work tickets including the EWP Licence in Brisbane, the Haul Truck Ticket Brisbane and the Tele Handler Ticket Brisbane. Here is all you need to know!


This is the abbreviation for the Elevated Work Platform. The Elevated Work Platform is a machine that is very frequent to use on various worksites. This includes the construction worksite. A reason for this is that contractors and other worksite workers can use the Elevated Work Platform to reach high places that they would normally be unable to reach. This is because the Elevated Work Platform could lift these workers to get to the places they are unable to reach.

The EWP Licence

Before starting a career in operating EWPs in Brisbane, you need to obtain the EWP Licence. This is because an EWP would be an indication of your competency. An EWP would indicate that you possess all the relevant skills and knowledge to safely operate an EWP and handle its work tasks. Hence, obtaining an EWP Licence would be very necessary to operate an EWP. 

The telehandler

A telehandler is a machine that has multiple purposes to use it for. Previously, the main use of a telehandler was for agriculture purposes. However, with time, it has become very frequent to use the telehandler for other purposes including construction and plant synthesis. It has also become very common to use the telehandler for transmitting materials, cleansing workplaces, removing snow and elevating personnel.

The Tele handler Licence

Before starting a career in operating telehandlers, you need to obtain the Tele Handler Ticket Brisbane and Course. This is because the Tele handler Licence is an official certification that would make you an officially certified telehandler operator. Accordingly, you would be recognised on a national level all over Australia. 

The Haul Truck

Driving a haul truck comes with a lot of privileges. This includes being able to travel to a lot of different places in Australia. 

The Haul Truck Licence

Before becoming a haul truck driver, it is necessary that you obtain the Haul Truck Ticket Brisbane QLD. In fact, many employers would require that you have a Haul Truck Licence before they could employ you. Accordingly, obtaining the Haul Truck Licence would certainly be your gateway to a lot of promising job opportunities. In addition, the Haul Truck Licence would definitely add to your career.

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