Guide About COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination

As Wilmington is one of the largest cities in Delaware, they have established several accessible locations for COVID testing for everyone. So, if you live in this city, you can check out COVID testing near me and find out your health status. 

You can get this virus from an infected person when he coughs, speaks, or breathes. It spreads through small liquid particles, ranging from smaller aerosols to larger respiratory droplets. That’s why it’s super essential always to cover your mouth and nose with a surgical mask. 

So, if you’re near a COVID-infected person, you might breathe in the virus. Or you might touch a contaminated surface and rub your face unconsciously. So, again, make a habit of sanitizing or washing your hands regularly after touching any surface. Remember, the virus is spreading in more crowded areas or indoors.

Besides adhering to the government’s requirements to curb this disease, social distance, wearing a mask, sanitizing, and washing hands regularly, it’s prudent to get tested. 

Who Needs to Get Tested?

Covid testing is ideal for everyone, but there are particular criteria that you may have that require you to search for COVID testing near me and get tested. Watch out for Covid-19 symptoms: The below people must get tested for the Covid-19 test:

  • Suppose you’re experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms such as flu, fever, cough, tiredness, loss of taste or smell. That’s regardless of whether you got vaccinated or not. 
  • Suppose you were ever in contact with a Covid-19 infected person. You must check COVID testing near me.” Get tested within 5-6 days.
  •  Workers in higher-risk jobs (health care providers, first responders, etc.) must have frequent testing for Covid-19. 
  • Those referred by a health care provider to get tested.

Even after getting tested, you need to isolate yourself as you wait for your results. Then, kindly follow your doctor’s advice or the medical health provider. 

Currently, there are Covid-19 vaccines that are effective. It’s one of the best tools that can help control the spread of the pandemic. However, you need to understand that no vaccine is 100 percent effective in preventing disease.  

According to the DPH, unvaccinated people must get tested for Covid-19 once a week. 

Get Tested and Vaccinated and Beat Covid-19

Wilmington’s mayor, Mike Purzycki, urges his City residents to keep taking preventive steps to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. He said the residents could do better if they continue following the CDC guidelines, including wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, and sanitizing, among many more. Following these alongside other preventive measures will reduce the virus threat. 

Places in Wilmington To Get Free Covid-19 Tests and Vaccination: 


Walgreens and Rite-Aids are the State Service Centers that are permanent testing sites in Delaware. Also, you’ll find semi-permanent community sites run by health care systems. And other pop-up sites such as schools operated by Curative, Inc. While most of these places take walk-ins, it will be better to make an appointment or pre-register for efficient service. 

School Testing

In partnership with DOE and Quidel Corporation, DPH plans to offer comprehensive COVID-19 testing. Quidel will use its quick antigen tests to give the people results within 10 minutes.  

So, the staff will first analyze the results and then send the report to the families of the student or teaching staff and the state. These partners have done a great solution, taking the burden off schools.

It will be a routine to keep testing staff and asymptomatic students or having Covid-19 symptoms. Anyone who wants to know more about this should visit the COVID-19 School Testing. 

At-Home Test Kits

Delaware state teamed up with Labcorp to make-at-home kits for COVID-19 testing. So, if you check COVID testing near me” and you don’t find any testing center near you, then this could be your best option. But please note that DPH will not offer clearance based on these unmonitored home tests.

Private Sectors

As private employers plan to set up screening testing programs, the state urges them to follow CDC guidance and applicable mandates.

Your Covid-19 test results might take a few minutes or days, depending on the type of test you took.

If your test turns positive, you must isolate yourself (or quarantine if you came into close contact with a Covid-19 infected individual.  

And if your test comes negative, get vaccinated and continue to adhere to the preventive measures of Covid-19. Keep sanitizing and wearing a face covering when in public and maintain at least three feet social distance.

What are types of Covid-19 vaccine offered? 

  • Pfizer vaccine for people aged (5) years and older. 
  • Moderna vaccine for (18) eighteen years or older people. 
  • J&J vaccine is offered upon request to people aged 18 and above.
  • The flu vaccine is also available for interested people, and they can get it on the same day.

Several people may experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover within no time, without special treatment. But some will also have severe illnesses and will require medical attention. 

Anyone who has traveled and returned to the U.S must get a negative test before coming back. And if you test positive for COVID-19, first, you must get isolated and quarantined until you get cleared. 


Delamare state continues to urge everyone resident with Covid-19 symptoms to get tested by checking COVID testing near me  Prevention is way better than cure, and adhering to preventive measures will go a long way in curbing this virus. So, if you live in this city, you can check out COVID testing near me and find out your health status. So, as the state does its part, ask yourself if you’re doing yours? 

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