How do you promote a virtual conference?

virtual conference

Virtual conferences today are being used by people across the world. This made virtual event platforms a big hit especially after traditional events got prohibited due to the spread of novel coronavirus. A virtual conference platform enabled businesses and organizers to connect with a larger group of people, generate quality content, withhold new leads, and eliminate the cost of hosting a huge physical conference.

While planning, marketing, and hosting your virtual conference, one should pay close attention to certain essential aspects to make sure that your event does not skedaddle in the digital shuffle. 

Promotion helps in shaping your organization’s website. So, in order to deliver a stellar experience to your target audience, you must focus on various factors to build awareness. Curating a marketing strategy that has appealing insights about your conference can maximize attendance, build engagement, offer better ROI, and help you create a memorable experience for your attendees. Learn how to promote your virtual conference so that your prospects register, participate and get involved at your event. Without any further ado, let’s get started!


A virtual conference is a live onsite meeting that is hosted between directors, sponsors, big company heads, and some other important people. It allows attendees to gather in one setting to discuss key topics in their niche. For conducting a virtual conference you need- a strong web connection, a mobile or computer device, and a room wherein you can attend the conference without any background disturbance.


Create A Stellar Conference Page

A conference page is a place that gives attendees everything they need to learn about your event. There are various tools on the internet available in the market that can help you create an outstanding page layout. Entice your audiences with attention-grabbing graphics, pictures, and clips of keynote speakers, celebrities, and professionals attending your conference. This builds eagerness amidst attendees and appeals to them to sign up for your event. Inculcate all the relevant information in the form of unique GIFs, images, videos to keep your audience away from wandering around different websites to gather insights about your conference. Lastly, embed vital details about your conference like-

  • Date & Time of the conference
  • The conference agenda
  • Short description about your speakers and other VIP guests
  • Don’t forget to provide a registration link
  • Safe payment options

Take Advantage Of Email Marketing

Now you must be wondering who uses emails to market events in the era of social media. Well, email marketing is still a valuable tool used by many event profs. to promote their business within their curated email list. Share important news and updates about your conference via email newsletters. To boost engagement, use vibrant images in your newsletters that bolster interest, and convey the motive of organising a conference. You can also add on exciting coupon codes and discounts to entice attendees to register for your conference. Pro tip: Do not overwhelm your attendees inboxes with only posts and insights about your conference. 

Leverage Social Media Channels To Market Your Conference

We all know, social media rules the world. The demand for it has also increased after the announcement of a nationwide lockdown. We saw extreme creativity and eye-catching engagement demonstrated by people using these channels. Promoting events on social media has become much easier and worthwhile. Today, you can reach wider audiences just by creating attractive event posts, promoting your events from time to time, and incorporating unique hashtags. Leverage Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr to share images and video clips about your virtual conference to provide attendees with all the necessary details and at the same time excite them to take part in your event.

Make Short But Inspiring Videos For Your Event Attendees

People are always willing to watch fun and insightful video content that offers knowledge to them. Creating a video clip related to your virtual conference can build engagement in a way you never thought possible. Ask your speakers and other guests to provide you with a short introductory video and post the same on their respective social media account. And don’t forget to use the social media hashtags at the end of the video and every post, ask speakers to do the same.

Be Consistent While Promoting Your virtual conference

Promoting an event might seem easy no doubt but being consistent is where your focus must be! Remember there are many competitors in the market who are willing to get your share of the audience as well. So, to prevent that from happening, you should alway find different ways to keep your attendees up-to-date and aware about your conference or else they won’t show up. No matter how much vibrancy your event page layout brings, it doesn’t indicate that people will sign up or be present on the event day.

Keep reminding them about your event by offering few attendees with secret goodies, add days/hours/minutes countdown on your social media stories, and do not forget to include the event hashtags as it will help you be on the top in the trending page.


The current pandemic crisis has indeed twisted the world’s way of functioning but people soon adapted in the new normal and welcomed innovative ideas to carry forward their business.

The virtual conference is not new, it has been there with us for a very long time but people realized its importance in recent times. The virtual conference platform has completely taken over traditional ones- event organizers agreed with the fact that these events are going to be the future of the event industry. And why not? It came along with so many possibilities to expand our reach and be associated with new qualified leads.

While organizing and promoting your event online always keep in mind that it takes time and consistency to curate a top-notch virtual conference. Keep utilizing different tactics to market your Virtual event effectively to make all the effort worthwhile. Never underestimate the power of social media because they can really help you pave your way to achieve successful virtual conference promotion.

Happy Marketing!

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