How To Choose Custom CD And DVD Storage Boxes?

Custom CD And DVD Storage Boxes

The use of custom CD and DVD storage boxes in the USA is one of today’s most common trends. They can be found in several online sources and you can also find them at large department stores in big cities and even in big malls in big US cities. They are used primarily to hold CDs and DVDs, but they can also be found in other storage applications such as school lockers and locker rooms. They can be made in all shapes, sizes, and even colors.

Specific Purposes

Custom CD And DVD Storage Boxes are designed based on the specific purpose of the products. There are general storage boxes that can hold almost anything. However, there are specific ones that have specific purposes. For example, CD storage boxes with lids are made to hold the CDs while other types can even hold DVDs. When it comes to CD and DVD customized boxes, numerous suppliers can offer you a wide range of choices. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and sizes. Some suppliers can even offer you free shipping depending on the amount you need to send and how many you buy. Most commonly, these boxes come in standard sizes and you can request other custom sizes.

Custom CD And DVD Storage Boxes

Designs or Logos

The other thing about custom printed boxes is that they can come with custom logos or designs. These designs or logos can come as simple as a line or symbol. More complicated designs can include logos of famous sports teams, music groups, or designers. You can even request the name of your company printed on the box. The CD and DVD storage boxes can come with protective covers. This is very important especially if you are storing the CDs or DVDs in a dusty or damp area. Most packaging companies will allow you to purchase a dust cover for an additional fee. The storage boxes usually come with adjustable shelving so you can fit the CD or DVD wherever you want.

Available in Different Shapes

Custom CD And DVD Storage Boxes are also available in different shapes. You can get the standard square, rectangle, and L-shaped boxes. You can also request custom shapes according to your specifications. You can design the boxes to have a bookshelf, a music shelf, or one that simply does not go on top of another bookshelf. Many of these boxes even come equipped with hinges on the lid so you can open the box easily without having to handle the box. CD and DVD storage boxes can come in a variety of materials. The most popular boxes are made out of cardboard. However, if you want something unique and different, you can choose glass, wood, or aluminum. If you want to add more details to your box, you can stain or paint it. You can even have it customized with an inscription or message.

Custom CD And DVD Storage Boxes

Go Online and Check

There are plenty of companies that sell CD and DVD storage boxes. If you are interested, all you need to do is go online and check out their products. Browse through their selection until you find one that catches your eye. Then, look for a price that you can afford and then make your purchase. These boxes are sure to enhance the way you display your CD or DVD collection. These boxes come in a variety of styles. You can choose simple ones with just a side opening or ones that are a little more elaborate. Choose from various shapes such as square, rectangular and circular. You can even get ones in cute animal shapes! Some of them open using magnets so you won’t have to worry about tools or CDs falling out while you are working.


When choosing CD and DVD storage boxes, you must take into consideration the weight of the item. Since these items can be quite large, it is best to choose those that are light. Choose heavy-duty ones if you want to ship your CDs. You can also buy storage boxes online. Just do a quick search online and you are sure to find plenty of choices. Custom CD and DVD storage boxes are sure to make your CD collection look great. They also are very useful for keeping your DVDs protected and secured. You can purchase them according to your needs and they are easy to find. If you want a specific color, choose a custom box that will match perfectly.

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