How to Clean Your Fabric Sofa: A Guide To Cleaning Upholstery

Learn how to clean a fabric couch using natural cleaning solutions like white vinegar and baking soda. Use a steam cleaner to deep clean a fabric sofa.

Tips for a Fabric Couch Cleaning

Small clean up: Take out any cushions from the cushions and wipe them down with a damp cloth. Rinse the cushions with a clean, fresh water and use a small amount of cleaner to wipe clean. Do a spot test: First test your cleaner on a small section of your upholstery fabric, such as a corner. The fabrics are often padded and soft and it may be possible to burn or ruin the material if not careful. Apply a few thin layers of fabric cleaning solution: The number of layers you use depends on how much you want to remove. In general, you should apply between 3 to 4 layers, but some may want less or more depending on the material. Follow directions on the can and keep the fabric wet with the cleaning solution.

How to Clean a Fabric Couch

Before you start your cleaning project, be sure to check with the manufacturer of the fabric sofas you plan to clean first. Find out if the fabric has anti-microbial properties and if it was hand-sewn with chemicals, or if it’s machine-made with no glue or thread. If you’re unsure if a fabric sofa is suitable for cleaning, call the manufacturer or simply take a look at the product’s manual. Step 1: Clean the Fabric To clean the fabric, use mild detergent or fabric softener and a rag, or spray on a solution of a few drops of white vinegar and a little water. Make sure the fabric is completely dry before cleaning and leave the room to air dry for a minimum of two hours before making any final decisions.

Tips for Deep Cleaning a Fabric Couch

  1. Choose a spot of the sofa that can accommodate the steam cleaner to work in Make sure you clean around the seat so the steam can reach deep inside the sofa. We recommend your couch place a few inches away from the wall. Make sure the surface of the sofa is not damaged or scratched.
  2. Remove all the cushions from the sofa Remove all the cushions from the sofa. Place the cushions on the floor or on a kitchen chair.
  3. Remove the cushions from the sofa and put them on a kitchen chair or a laundry rack Place the cushions on a kitchen chair or a laundry rack and hose them down with water. Shovel the sofa with baking soda Remove any dirt, pet hair, or grease and rub the treated piece with a clean cloth.

Hire Professional Fabric Couch Cleaning Service

The fabric couch cleaning is very important if you want to clean the dust and dirt in your sofa. The professional fabric cleaners are not only able to remove the old sticky layer of dirt from your upholstery but also make it look new again. They have expertise for using quality products or so that they can save your furniture from damage and stains. You can also make up your mind regarding the fabric couch cleaning services at home if you know how to use the right stuff. Fabric Sofa Cleaning Brisbane Company | Couch steam cleaning As professionals, they can provide advice on the best way to clean Fabric sofas.


Cleaning upholstery is no joke. It may be easy to get deterred if you do not know how to do it right or if you are living on a low income. Fortunately, we have brought together some of the most important tips for cleaning upholstery using natural cleaning solutions in this article. By now, you should have gotten an idea of how to clean your upholstery using natural cleaning solutions. It is important that you are sure about which products to use and how to care for your fabric sofa. Before you start with the cleaning, you should know that you should be thorough when doing this. Although fabric furniture is made of natural materials, there are some basic things you should keep in mind.

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