How to effectively run an IT organization with ServiceNow?

This article is intended to showcase the features of ServiceNow which aids the IT industries in executing the firm’s operations effectively. We also exhibit the characteristics of IT Business and operations management in this post. You need to get this online ServiceNow Training course which provides expert training assistance to work with ServiceNow products. Let’s get started with IT Business Management.

IT Business Management (ITBM)

Align your work with your enterprise’s objectives to offer services and products that support your strategic priorities. ITBM enables IT to illustrate value to the firm and rationalize investments to concentrate so that more time and resources can be spent on innovation. Lean execution approaches assist ITBM to change the delivery of new products and services.

IT Business Management Aids You In Delivering The Business Requirements

It’s simple to predict important business needs, allocate resources, and assess the portfolio’s value using IT Business Management. It also allows you to prioritize the recent requests and efficiently deliver products. Evaluate relevant top-level investments and adjust as needed to make adaptations on ongoing grounds. Minimize bottlenecks and handle strategic and operational work in a single location to get into the market quickly.

ITBM enables you to better match your IT investment with the organization’s goals, allowing you to achieve better results and respond to change more quickly.

Features of IT Business Management

The following are the features applicable in IT Business Management.

1) Driving firms alignment with enterprise priorities

While navigating the challenges of product and agile transformations, ServiceNow® APW assists you in guaranteeing that plans across various levels of your firm are in alignment with business priorities.

2) Mapping projects to strategies and objectives and to assure you work on the exemplary projects

PPM handles the whole life cycle of your projects, from conception to completion, across your business and technology portfolios. This comprehensive solution contains tools to handle your project demands, time cards, portfolio, ideas, resources, and agile delivery.

3) Engage workers for the subsequent big idea

Through Innovation Management, you can allow your employees to submit new product and feature ideas. Monitor and transform ideas to stories, projects, demands, and other Scaled Agile Framework work items for delivering business results with pace and agility, everything from a single location.

4) Gaining exposure into the life cycle of software development

The SAFe and ServiceNow® Agile Development applications allow you to handle hybrid, scrum, or development of waterfall efforts across the life cycle, from initiation via testing and deployment.

Driving firms alignment with enterprise priorities

Plan alignments for your portfolios, business departments, or units with your organization’s high-level inceptions with Workspace for Alignment Planner. Navigate effortlessly through various levels of the business and assure that all plans are aligned by utilizing adaptable planning hierarchies and the functionality of a roadmap.

Employing Hybrid roadmaps, plan agile and traditional work together, and use the roadmaps’ Tracking mode to concentrate on deliverables and milestones.

Mapping projects to objectives and strategies to assure you work on the exemplary projects

Create and handle projects ranging from a few basic tasks to vast portfolios of projects encompassing complicated activities with different dependencies and relationships. Monitor and handle incidents, concerns, and request changes from a single record system for ensuring that every project activity is anticipated. Handle release of your product from the phases of development and testing via its release to consumers. Timeline visualizations and customized dashboards will help you gain a better understanding of project portfolios and projects throughout the whole business.

Engage Workers For The Subsequent Big Idea

Workers may be a wonderful source of new ideas. You may use a single portal to anticipate, vote on, vet, and monitor ideas with the management of innovation. From a single location, engage your staff and inspire innovation to produce business results with swiftness and agility.

Gaining Exposure Into The Life Cycle Of Software Development

Using Agile software development approaches, you may handle your product development activities all around its life cycle.

The Scrum framework is used in the application of ServiceNow® Agile Development 2.0 to provide an environment of Agile software development for the initiatives based on project or product. It provides you the option of employing a pure agile strategy throughout a product’s life cycle or a hybrid approach that incorporates Agile principles into a conventional project structure.

The SAFe application enables you to apply Lean and principles of Agile to your large business, allowing you to build and deliver software products with lesser defects in the shortest possible time frame.

Management of IT Operations

With ServiceNow® IT Operations Management, you can achieve improved visibility into your infrastructure and services, prevent service interruptions, and increase your organization’s operational agility.

Look more and Perform more with the Management of IT Operations 

IT Operations Management can help you expedite your cloud strategy. Enhance your company’s cloud utilization, cut expenses, automate requests, and streamline approvals and administration of the infrastructure that supports native cloud environments.

Features of IT Operations Management 

The following are the features applicable in IT Operations Management.

1) Get exposure to your infrastructure and services 

Take control of your services and infrastructure from a single source. Enhance the quality of service, reinforce change processes, minimize risk, optimize cost on your infrastructure, and reduce software compliance concerns.

2) Effectively avoid and resolve service concerns

With AIOps, you can free up your IT employees from time-consuming, error-prone duties while also reducing service interruptions. Using relevant and contextual change, issue, and incident data, you can resolve issues quicker.

Get Exposure To Your Infrastructure And Services

Instantly look at the impact of infrastructure problems and changes on your service, simplify the root-cause analysis, and cut mean time to fix (MTTR). End-to-end discovery and service mapping provide a comprehensive CMDB view of your services and IT infrastructure. Other ServiceNow applications, like ITOM Health, ITOM Optimization, and Software Asset Management, leverage the resulting full and reliable record. You can increase service quality, strengthen change procedures, lower risk, optimize infrastructure spending, and reduce software compliance issues this way. See ITOM Visibility for further information.

Effectively avoid and resolve service concerns

AIOps is used by ITOM Health to turn occurrences into actionable notifications. Identify and resolve the root cause of service problems quickly. Unlike traditional event management systems, which are static and rule-based, ITOM Health correlates events using machine learning and advanced analytics, automatically responding to dynamically changing virtualized and cloud environments. ITOM Health has further information.


With this, we have learned how to improve the business process to run the IT firms effectively by driving the characteristics of ServiceNow. We have discussed the features of Business Management and IT operations in more detail.

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