How To Make Your Cross-country Trip Luxurious

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Everyone should experience a cross-country road trip at some point in their life. They’re an American rite of passage, and they’re an excellent way to see vast landscapes and small pockets of the country that usually get overlooked.

The idea of spending many hours in a car can sound unpleasant to some people, but there are plenty of ways you can turn the trip into a luxurious one. You don’t need to rough it on the road the whole time to gain the full experience— you can upgrade the vehicle you’re using, plan to stay in upscale accommodations, or bring nice wines along for a camping trip, to name a few examples.

We’ll discuss how you can turn your cross-country trip into a relaxing vacation by following a few simple tips and suggestions.

1.     Book Nice Restaurants Ahead of Time

You probably have an itinerary planned for which cities you’re stopping in and where you’re staying. Take that to the next level by booking restaurant reservations as well. Depending on where you’re stopping, each city is bound to have some local specialty that is worth trying. If you’re stopping in a larger city, try to get a spot at a top-rated restaurant.

Not everywhere across the country will have high-end options, but this can be part of the fun! Look for farm-to-table places too, or go on review websites and find where the locals tend to hang out. This can make stopping in each city a lot more fun, luxurious, and enjoyable instead of wandering around aimlessly when you’re tired and hungry.

2.     Rent a Luxurious Van

If you plan to see more remote areas of the country, renting a luxurious van is the best option for this. There are some great vehicles out there that are like portable hotel rooms equipped with all the modern conveniences you could want. That means you won’t need to ‘rough it’ while you’re immersed in the wilderness.

You could go for the massive RVs like big tour buses if you have multiple people joining you on the trip, or you could opt for a smaller van with one bed for you and a partner. There are tons of different price points for luxury travel vans, and you are bound to find one that keeps you perfectly comfortable and relaxed for the whole trip.

3. Book Luxury Activities

Travel can be exhausting, no matter what kind of vehicle you’re riding around in. Unwind after long days on the road by booking luxury activities in advance. Look for vineyard tours and wine tastings, or book spa days at local resorts where you’re stopping. You can even find hot springs in many areas around the U.S.

Activities like these can refresh you after long days of highway driving and make the journey a relaxing one rather than stressful. Sure, doing touristy things is essential for any trip, but making time for fun luxury options is also crucial.

4.     Bring Nice Wines or Liquors

If you’re renting a luxury van, you should consider bringing fancy wines or liquors along for the journey when you stop for the night. Unwind after a long day of travel with ingredients to make high-quality cocktails, or buy wines from the vineyards you stop at along the way. Don’t forget to bring actual glasses to drink from instead of plastic cups— they can truly make or break the experience.

Fancy drinks can make the end of each day feel way more lavish than cracking open cheap wine you found at a gas station off the highway.

Leave Room For Chance

The most important tip for any cross-country road trip is to leave room for unexpected opportunities. Planning luxurious activities and restaurants is crucial, but also follow the advice of the locals too! If they say there is a great site or resort to visit, by all means, take them up on it. The best part of any trip can be the random experiences you find on the way. Traveling in a luxury van while you’re doing them can make things a million times better.

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