How To Select Absorbent Adult Diapers For Managing Incontinence

Millions of American adults deal with incontinence every day. This situation has created a burden on their finances since they have to find ways to contain the loose bladder. Incontinence can be minimal, caused by coughing or laughing, and catastrophic, where one cannot control their urine.

When you or your loved one suffers from incontinence, the next step is to find sustainable ways to contain the situation since, at times, you cannot treat it.  You have to get the best adult diapers to prevent the leaked urine from soiling clothes, beds, seats, and other places the victim comes into contact. 

What do you look for when selecting adult diapers to manage incontinence? This article will discuss five of the best tips to consider when choosing adult diapers. Here is the list.

1. Size

Size is an obvious requirement when choosing adult diapers, but it has never had enough emphasis. So many people overlook the aspect of size, making them buy the wrong sized diapers, which cause more issues than helping the victim.

Incontinence diapers come in different sizes and have unique size charts, like regular clothing.  When you do not purchase the right size, the diaper might not perform the required function effectively. Too tight diapers will not be comfortable for the patient, while oversized diapers might cause urine leakage.

It is essential to consider the manufacturer’s sizing chart to ensure you get the right fit to hold the urine perfectly well.

2. Material

Manufacturers of adult diapers use different materials, depending on their brand and quality status. Some will use the best material to ensure comfort, while others will use the standard materials, thus selling the diapers cheaply. Some diapers have a plastic coating for more protection, while others are plain.

Most people will go for the non-coated diapers since they are more breathable. They allow more air into the skin; thus, they cause no rashes to the victim. However, these diapers will have less urine resistance and might end up leaking if not changed at regular intervals when soiled. It is essential to choose one that will not cause inconveniences to the victim, both in comfortability and in retaining the urine.

3. Style

Everyone has their style when it comes to clothing. Adult diapers are also part of clothing which comes in two designs you can choose. There is the tape-tab style and the pull-on style. The pull-on style is a diaper resembling regular underwear, while the tape-tab style is like a baby diaper with fastener tapes. 

There are many reasons why you should choose one style over the other. Some of these reasons include personal preference, level of mobility, and if the patient suffers from memory loss. If one cannot move and always stays in bed, the tape-tab style will be more convenient than the pull-on, while those suffering from memory loss will prefer the pull-on diapers.

4.     Absorbency

How absorbent is the diaper? It is essential to consider your absorbent needs when choosing the adult diaper for incontinence issues.  Most adult diapers come with varying absorbent rates, and it is crucial to choose one that will perfectly fit your needs. While some diapers will not perform as per their description, picking the best according to the labeling is essential.

When buying an adult diaper, you will come across several terms, including super-absorbent, maximum absorbent, and ultra-absorbent.  All this depends on the condition of the patient. For instance, if the patient soils themselves entirely, you can get them ultra-absorbent diapers, while those who do it once in a while can have the regular diapers.

Adult diapers experts recommend going by the number of cups illustrated on the diaper. This situation will enable you to understand the absorption rate of the material, and you will not have worries while on these adult diapers.  

5.     Cost

The cost of the diaper plays a significant role in the final purchase since no cost fits all. Your budget will greatly determine the kind of diapers you will get and the number of pieces. For instance, high absorbency diapers will cost more as compared to standard diapers. You will also get more standard diapers at a lower budget than the premium ones. All this will depend on the patient’s condition and budget.

If you do not plan to use the diaper the whole day or soil them entirely, you can consider getting the standard diapers that sell at a budget. Also, if you plan to use the diapers only for the night, you can consider buying the high absorbent diapers, which you do not need to change often. A diaper that will hold a single cup of urine is cheaper than one that will withstand several cups.


Now you have the top tips you can use in purchasing adult incontinence diapers. You have to consider the size, type of material, style, absorbency, and budget. It is also essential to buy the best brands from reputable manufacturers, which will give you value for your money when using them.

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