How To Start An Aircraft Maintenance Shop

Aircraft Maintenance Shop

It is common for aviation engineers to look forward to opening their aircraft maintenance shop. It is also one of the best aviation business ideas that promises you great profits once established. However, it is a tricky area where navigating with the right knowledge can lead you to big risks.

If you are up for some challenges, this article will help you understand how to start an aviation business. Here in this guide, I have mentioned all pieces of information that you must read and understand before you get started.

What does an aircraft maintenance shop do?

You must be aware of the services offered by any aircraft maintenance facility. While you can choose to offer all of them, it is always better to work on a specialty. The specialty depends on the type of aircraft you choose to service and repair, the choices here include general aviation aircraft, helicopters, business aircraft, airline parts, military craft, and more. 

In general, you will be responsible for inspecting, maintaining, and repairing any type of aircraft, no matter what specialty you choose.

How much money you will need to start an aviation business?

One of the crucial parts of how to start an aviation business is understanding the costs associated with it. You will need to bear the expense of facility rent, employees, tools and supplies, operating expenses of the shop, and most important cost of licensing and insurance.

What are the licensing requirements for opening an aircraft maintenance shop?

If you want to be a certified aviation maintenance shop, you will have to fulfill a criterion to obtain the license. You will have to apply for the license and then insurance. The details of licensing a maintenance shop are included in most of the reputed aviation maintenance courses available online.

What skills do I need to open an aviation maintenance shop?

If you are an A&P mechanic, you are eligible to open an aviation business. To ensure you stay on the right foot, you must undergo an aviation maintenance course offered by Grease Pilot. They offer a quick and effective course on how to start an aircraft maintenance shop and teach you the ways to become a successful entrepreneur in the field. The course covers all aspects of starting the business- from business formation to the first customer.

Putting it together

Having your aircraft maintenance shop is a great idea but it works only when you venture into the market fully prepared. Undergoing an aviation business course can help you clear your doubts and gain a better understanding of setting up and running a successful aircraft maintenance shop.

As you already have the skills and knowledge, the course would help you hone your understanding and have a great start. At no time should you ignore the importance of certifications, licensing, and insurance for the shop. Also, always hire trained mechanics to work on aircraft if you are planning to build a team and work on bigger projects.

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