How to Store Your Continental Tyres For the Next Season?

As the year progresses, car owners tend to switch their tyres based on the season. Whether you are changing the winter or summer tyres, keeping them in good condition for the next season is vital to reduce the risk of any damage. Many car owners store the tyres on their own and can sometimes damage the unit. The characteristics of a tyre can change if you have not kept them properly. Moreover, correctly storing the tyres can deliver extended tread life, reduce expenses and deliver a better drive in the next season.

Guide to store your Tyres Bracknell properly

Clean before storing

Use a mixture of detergent and water along with a tyre brush to clean out the tyres if you are storing them yourself. This can help remove excess dirt and dust accumulated by driving on roads. Also, ensure the tyres dry completely before moving to the next step.

Storing them

To store the tyres, get a large and airtight plastic bag for each individual unit. It is important to check that the bag should be free of moisture and no impurities or dirt should be inside it. Place the tyre inside the bag, then use a vacuum to make it airtight, and apply tape to close it. The airtight conditions will decrease the drying of oils from the tyre rubber. Also, there are tyre totes available in the market if you want an alternative option. The totes make transporting as well as storing of tyres hassle-free and keep them dirt and dust-free. You can also store them in the tote along with the plastic bag for additional protection.

Store away from the sun

The UV rays generated from thalstyres64@gmail.come sun, along with the heat can cause damage to the tye rubber. Ensure you keep the tyres out of direct sunlight and in a safe location.

Select your location

The tyres should not be placed in the open air or under a protective cover during the summer or winter season. A personal garage or another spot where the climate is controlled is the ideal place. Also, shielded the tyres from any type of heat source present in the room.

Avoid any kind of outside exposure

Many machines that have electric motors generate ozone. The ozone can impact the state of the tyres stored and reduce their structural integrity. Therefore, ensure you have not kept the tyres near machines such as:

  • Compressors
  • Furnaces
  • Pumps
  • Generators
  • Switches
  • Air Ducts
  • Vacuum cleaners

Furthermore, double-check the area where you store the tyre should not have any type of solvent, fuel or lubricant spilt on the floor.

Keeping the tyres

You can use one of the three options-

  • Make them stand straight.
  • Stack the tyres on top of each other
  • Hang the tyres on the wall

We suggest keeping the tyres in an upright standing position because it generates less pressure on the tyres. Also, if you decide to stack, then ensure the tyres are not high and will not tip over. Lastly, hanging the tyres on racks or hooks is also a preferred option for storing. Also, ensure you don’t use unmounted or new tyres for hanging on the walls as they can warp or damage them.

The tyres that you purchase will ultimately age and require replacements. But, by following the above tips, you can extend the tyre life and ensure they are ready for mounting in the next season. Moreover, many car owners also opt for a trusted tyre retailer for professionally storing their tyres. Also, we advise you to get your tyres inspected for any type of puncture or uneven wear or tear before keeping them.

For more information about Continental Tyres Bracknell, you can drive down or contact a trusted tyre provider and ask any queries or doubts.

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