How to Turn OFF Extra Services in UAE on all Carriers

What are you looking for a code for UAE telecom operators to cancel all services of telecom companies like du, Etisalat, Vodafone, and Orange. These codes enable you to cancel all services that are bothering you and deduct your balance. After using these codes and dialing from your network you will not receive any annoying messages or offers on your SIM.

Due to the complaints of many users of these networks because of the presence of so many services and offers that deduct from the balance without the knowledge of the user. Therefore, these codes have appeared, which will help us to eliminate the annoying messages that we always receive from mobile phone companies and services.

Reason for cancellation of unknown Services on SIM cards

The reason for the cancellation of these services or the existence of this code is due to the complaints and interactions of many users of these networks. The National Telecommunications Regulatory Facility called 155 where the CEO decided to communicate with four mobile phone companies (Y-Etisalat-Vodafone-Cano) and enforce a common code on all these networks. Allows the user to cancel all entertainment services and offers that use their balance. You can also turn off the Etisalat Internet calling plans by dialing *155# from your prepaid and postpaid SIM.

So, dear readers, let us know this code to cancel all services on mobile phones, whatever network you are using.

  • Code to cancel all services of us, Etisalat, Vodafone, and Orange.
  • First, go to the Contacts screen on your phone.
  • Then type the code. *155# Left to right.
  • Then click the Connect button.
  • You’ll be immediately shown services that use your balance, such as (News Services – Call Tone Services – Entertainment Payment Services – Sports Services – Alert Services) and more.

To get more services, you can click on 0 and press the send button to know more about these services like (Etisalat News – Islamic Services – Etisalat Comparison) and much more with your SIM, system, and mobile phone. Depending on the network. you use.

You can also cancel it. If you want to cancel a particular service, type the number next to that service, then press the send button. You will then receive a message stating that you will have to wait for the request to be processed.
You will then receive a text message informing you that the service has been canceled and you will not receive these annoying messages again.

When we request Internet settings messages for the chip, it is through the messages you receive from the company and you install them on the phone. All you have to do is request this code: *176# It arrives in a maximum of 5 minutes, and when you receive the message, all you have to do is open the message and save the settings in the message on the phone and You have to choose to install, then restart the phone, and then the Wii chip will work with you.

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