How to Wear Vintage Boots?

Vintage Boots

Vintage boots have been a staple fashion statement for many years. They provide excellent support to the ankle regardless of the length of the heels and look very stylish.

Be it a prim and proper pair of Victorian boots or a classic pair of leather ankle boots, these shoes enhance the shape of the legs. However, unlike stilettos, these don’t restrict the movements.

As you might know, boots, in general, can range from ankle length to over-the-knee length. However, vintage shoes are a bit different. Vintage boots are usually ankle-length boots, mid-length boots, and knee-length boots.

In this article, we will talk about the various ways you can wear retro boots and make a statement outfit.

Vintage Ankle-Length Boots with Jeans

Vintage booties or ankle-length boots look incredibly gorgeous when worn with a simple everyday outfit. For winter you can wear a cosy sweater and jeans. Pair the outfit with a scarf or a vintage jacket and a retro brown ankle boot. Keep the colour palette soft and neutral for the office. If you are going to lunch or a party, wear a bold coloured jacket.

Make sure the boots cut a couple of inches higher than your foot but end at the hem of the jeans. This creates an illusion of long thin legs.

Black Retro Boots with A Formal Outfit

Black retro boots go amazingly well with formal office wear. Choose a polka dot or a nice printed shirt and pair it with a sharp blazer. Wear a tailored fitted trouser and complete the look with a classic pair of black ankle boots. You can opt for silk bouses to add a feminine touch to a rather masculine look.

Vintage Style Boots with Short Dresses

When you are pairing boots with dresses, the ensemble needs to be balanced well. With dresses, it is easy to overdo the look. The goal is to have coordination between the two.

For this, choose a dress with a more feminine cut. It can be a vintage 1950s fit and flare dress or a form-fitting dress. Wear a cute pair of pixie boots and adorn some vintage accessories with the look. For fall, wear a leather jacket or try a long cardigan.

Another fabulous fall outfit is to pair a vintage suede boot and pair it with a sweater dress. You can wear tights to make them look cosy yet elegant. A classic rom-com look with a modern twist!

Leggings with Knee-High Vintage Boots

You must be aware of the oh-so-popular jeans and knee-high boots combination. But leggings also look great with the right boots.

For a weekend plan, wear knee-high vintage leather boots with leggings and complete it with a cute top or a jumper. Choose a colourful top half, such as a bright yellow or a patterned sweater that creates a fun balance.

Short Skirts and Knee Boots

This is a classic 90s look!

Short skirts and vintage boots go hand-in-hand. They can be a perfect choice for a fresher party or a night out.

Start with a plaided vintage skirt. You can get these easily at online vintage stores, and they look adorable. Now choose a sweater or a cool shirt (plain and long sleeves will be better!). Next, wear knee-length heeled boots for that sexy college girl vibe. Finally, pull back your hair in a ponytail. You can even add a hat for that added glamour.

Retro Boots with Maxi Dresses and Long Skirts

Boots and maxi dresses or printed long skirts can give you the whole bohemian chic vibe. The entire combination screams 1970s boho-chic glam and looks effortlessly stylish.

For maxi dresses or vintage long skirts, keep the length of the boots short and opt for flat boots than heeled. You can pair the look with long necklaces and rings. We honestly think that vintage shoes are a great asset to a women’s wardrobe. Boots can be worn in so many ways. A few good pairs of vintage boots will be so versatile for any outfit. Banned Retro is our top choice for vintage dresses, retro shoes, and retro accessories. Visit their store to find all things retro!

Banned Retro is one such women’s vintage clothing and vintage accessories brand which draws inspiration from the past, highlighting the iconic styles of the past, be it the enticing 1920s or the sizzling 1970s.

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