Is It Worth Fixing Your Car After an Accident?

Accidents occur faster than expected, and they can happen to anyone. You’re driving and then, poof, all you see is losing control of your vehicle. Once everything has settled down, you get out of your car and assess it for damage, just to discover that it needs to be mended. Is it, however, reasonable to rebuild your car after an accident? 

This guide will lead you through certain major elements that you must take into consideration. The immediate reaction of yours after seeing your car would be that you need to repair your car at any cost from Pirelli Tyres Redditch

But is it worth it to fix your car after an accident? This article will take you through certain crucial points that you will have to keep in mind and know the fact that your car’s depreciated value is put against the cost required for repairing it.

Should You Repair the Vehicle or Buy a New One?

Examining the value of your vehicle is a good habit for a car owner but it’s equally important to have an estimate about your car’s value if it is worth repairing your car or not, or would you prefer saving some money and then buying a new car? It will always be a smart decision if your damaged car is being repaired at the cost of insurance. Buying a new car will make you fall into a pit of 4-5 years of debt while repairing it would cost you a few dollars. But before making this decision, you will have to study the value of repairing your car, and whether this short-term decision would be right to make, and that eventually, you do not face any financial problem. 

Insurance and Claims

If you’ve already been in an accident, then you must have had a word with your insurance agent and must be aware of the regulations, terms, and conditions. The primary role of the adjuster is to substantiate the damages and to make a diagnosis on what cost of repairing your car will be done. The estimates given by the adjuster can serve as a great benchmark for the insured. However, no good insurance company will expect you to accept these figures blindly. They might also recommend you to refer to other auto body shops for your satisfaction.

Car Services

The insurance companies are not going to force you to look for other mechanics, but they might request you to get estimates from other mechanics. You don’t need to be surprised if your insurance company chooses that auto body shop that offers the lowest estimate, but also, do not feel hesitant in asking whether that particular auto body shop will provide you with the best services or not. You are free to push back your adjuster if you feel that some other auto body shop will repair the damage on your car in a better and more efficient way. It’s okay to look out for the best interests. 

There’s one thing that might affect the overall estimate of your car and is called BETTERMENT. Just as your car can depreciate in terms of wear and cost, some insurance companies will state that by installing new parts on your vehicle, the cost of repair may go up. Usually, this happens with large parts, like the engine block or transmission. This can happen with other parts as well if the adjuster feels that installing new parts will make your car more valuable. In such cases, the insurance company may only pay for the difference between the new part and what it would cost for a used part of the appropriate age and condition of the vehicle. 

Car Insurance Provider

 Only your insurance provider can tell you if your car is considered a total loss. If it is, then they will pay you the value of your vehicle. If totaled, the insurance company will not argue for repair but would still want to negotiate on a higher settlement, higher than what they have offered. 

This is why it is important to know the value of your car and to keep a track of all records that could vindicate the estimates. The more you know about your vehicle, Car tyres Redditch, the more you’ll be able to figure out if it’s worth spending money or not, especially after a car accident. Spending a hefty amount on repairs without knowing the return value results in the wastage of money and time. 

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