Major Tyre Types Every Motorist Must Know About

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The topic of tyres is a huge one as there is so much to learn about and go through to have a good understanding of it. There is hardly any vehicle owner or driver who is aware of it all and so the tyre professionals are the safe bet for any kind of tyre suggestion. But sometimes it is not possible to get in touch with one, like in an emergency situation where you get no time for any kind of consultation. This is why it is mandatory to have some basic idea about tyres.

While there is a lot, there has to be a starting place. So, we shall start off with the different major tyre types that mostly people own for their cars. Here, learning about the types shall make it much easier for you to understand what tyres you have and what tyres are suitable for your vehicle as per the requirements mentioned in the vehicle’s handbook. In case your car tyres need to be change then you have to decide for your new tyres so that tyres fitting Peterborough can be done.


The basic varieties of tyres include the three seasonal tyres, run flats, and 4x4tyres. There are several other types but mostly they can be said to be slight digression of the above mentioned ones. So your knowledge about the basic roots of tyre types shall be quite beneficial at every juncture of tyre choice. Let us now get a closer view of the various tyre kinds.

Seasonal Tyres

This category of tyres is mainly manufactured to adapt in different seasons and so you get tyres for every season. It is no more a problem to drive on any kind of road. There is no need to adjust anymore with unsuitable tyres under any climate condition. There are summer tyres for the rough and dry summer season. Winter tyres for the cold and icy winter season, and the all season tyres for the moderate climate which is usual in the UK.

Summer Tyres

It is a common notion that any tyre would be fine for the summer roads. It is easier to drive on such weather conditions. So no personalization is required. But it is not completely true as summer tyres are special tyres made with particularly rubber compounds that shall not get affected with higher temperature. It is not that simple to get in a regular tyre. Summer tyres are capable of handling temperatures above 7 degrees without becoming stiff and damaged. It is also capable of managing slightly wet road conditions. It is not unnatural to face unexpected showers on a summer noon. So if your car is fitted with summer tyres you can be in peace without changing into another tyre even if it pours. 

Winter Tyres

These tyres are made with specific tyre compounds where natural rubber content is higher than usual. This makes it rather soft and flexible which stays the same way even under really low temperatures, below 7 degrees. It is also capable of cutting through icy roads while maintaining a good grip on the road due to its deep tread design of it.

All-Season Tyres

These tyres are a balanced mixture of summer and winter tyres. All season are good for places with moderate climatic conditions as it is moderately good on all roads and in every seasons, which is why it can be used all through the year. 

Run Flat Tyres

These are special tyres that are made to survive punctures that happens unexpectedly. Regular tyres would not be able to run any further. Run-flats can run some extra miles to give you the opportunity to get some help.

4×4 Tyres

These are most suited for four-wheel drive cars or SUVs. These are large tyres with wider tread space and deeper grooves. These give better traction and beter performance on muddy roads than the regular Car Tyres Peterborough.

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