Mobile Repair: Things to Do Before Visiting Service Centre

Mobile Repair

A majority of people across the world are heavily dependent on their mobiles phones. You must be too. So, when your phone gets damaged, you are most likely to feel like everything has come to a standstill. If you do not have another phone to use, your work might suffer, along with your personal life. Fortunately, you can find several centres for mobile repair in your city. So, you do not have to stay without using your phone for too long. Visit the centre and get your device working again.

But, do not visit a service centre because it is nearest to your house. It might not have the necessary resources to do top-quality repairs. You must find the best one in your city before stepping out of your home with your damaged smartphone.

Here are the things you need to do before visiting a service centre for mobile repair in your city.         


Research is the key to finding the right service centre in your city. It is the internet era, and therefore, research is no longer a time-consuming process. And you do not have to do leg work. You just need an internet connection and have a basic understanding of keywords and search engines. If you are looking for a service centre for your iPhone, you can use Google and enter keywords such as “iPhone repair,” “iPhone repair centre in [city name], “best iPhone service centre” — other relevant ones — to dig up information. You will get to know the names of iPhone repair centres, where they are located in your city and their contact information.

Also, now search engines help you determine the veracity of a service centre’s claims. You can read online reviews and ask your friends and followers on social media to find whether the centre can indeed do quality repairs or not.

If you are confused about what factors make a service centre a reliable one, check this list.

  • Years of mobile phone repair experience.
  • Experienced technicians who undergo regular training to learn all about the latest models and how to repair them.
  • Manufactured-approved tools and genuine parts.
  • Ethical repair process.
  • A warranty on all repairs.
  • A reasonable repair fee.
  • Quick turnaround time.

Found the right centre for your mobile phone? Now, you need to follow these steps before visiting it.

Back-Up Your Device  

During the repair process, all your data might get permanently wiped out. You, obviously, would not like to lose your photos, documents, videos, and other precious data. So, instead of hoping that the service centre’s technicians would be careful, you need to back up your Android device or your iPhone before visiting a service centre.

Remove SIM Card and Case

A mobile phone service centre does not need your SIM card during the repair process. Also, there is no need for the phone case. Remove them before you give your phone for repair to a service centre. In case you do not, technicians might misplace them, and you might never see them again.

Remove Security Locks  

You should make it easy for technicians to repair your phone. So if there are security locks on your phone, disable them.

Book an Appointment

Do not visit a service centre, especially a popular one, without booking an appointment in advance. Well-known, third-party iphone repair centres receive a regular stream of mobile phone users. All are in a hurry to get their damaged devices fixed. If you visit one of them without an appointment, you will have to wait for hours for your turn to talk to an executive at the counter. So, booking an appointment in advance is the wisest thing to do.

Here are a few things you need to do after reaching the counter.

  • Politely explain the issue. Allow technicians to determine your phone’s issues or the extent of the damage.    
  • After examining your phone, they will let you know the problem(s) that are affecting the performance of your device.
  • Do not sign the repair form without finding out the estimated repair cost and how long it will take to solve the problem. It is best to ask for a breakdown of the report cost in writing.
  • Ask if the part they will use is a genuine one, and do they offer a warranty on it.

 Final Words

India is home to millions of smartphone users. This has resulted in the mushrooming of third-party iPhone repair centres for mobile repair across the country. There are many who have opened a small phone service centre, consisting of only two people. You should avoid such centres if there is no way you can determine their trustworthiness. They might not have the equipment or the expertise to handle your phone. It is best to visit a well-established service centre that has satisfied a maximum number of its customers.    

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