Mother of the Bride Attire Guidelines

Bride Attire

While choosing mother-of-the-bride dresses, remember to choose a color that complements the Bride’s dress. Also, consider the bridesmaid’s dresses. For example, if a bridesmaid wears a red dress, it would not look good if the Mother of the Bride wore a pink dress. Likewise, if her dress is blue, she should choose a blue shade that compliments her dress.

Dresses should complement each other.

When choosing a mother-of-the-bride dress, it is essential to choose one that complements the Bride’s color scheme. Traditionally, this means avoiding white and ivory. You can now choose alternative colors that still go well together if you’re unsure about what should the mother of the bride wear. Lighter colors such as blush, wine, or merlot make an excellent choice. Using the Bride’s wedding colors as a guide, you can also consider using metallics and floral prints.

When choosing a mother-of-the-bride dress, consider how the colors and styles will complement the wedding colors. Keep in mind that a mother-of-the-bride dress should not be see-through or skimpy. Neither should it be open back or have deep plunging necklines. This way, it will keep the focus on the Bride.

Colors Should Complement Each Other.

While choosing mother-of-the-bride attire, consider the colors of the rest of the wedding party. The Mother of the Bride and bridesmaids can wear the same colors or different accent colors. Keep in mind that the colors should complement each other and not clash.

For the Bride’s Mother’s dress, please select a color that compliments her dress and the bridesmaids’ outfits. If the Bride’s bridesmaids wear light colors, choose a dark color. For example, a navy blue mother of the Bride’s dress will look good with a yellow bridesmaid’s dress. Otherwise, keep the colors neutral. You can also opt for metallics, mid-tone browns, black, or taupe.

While choosing colors for the Mother of the Bride’s attire, remember that the color should complement the Bride’s wedding party. The two women will be in many photos together, so their outfits must complement each other. For this reason, you should look for the perfect attire at least six months before the wedding. This will give you enough time to find the dress you like and make any necessary alterations before the big day.


There are many variations in the length of a Mother of the Bride dress. You can choose from knee-length cocktail dresses to floor-length evening gowns. While there are no specific rules, you should try to match the dress length with the wedding venue and dress code. For example, a daytime cocktail dress would be appropriate if the wedding is in a beautiful garden. In contrast, a knee-length dress is more appropriate if the wedding is in a large, formal building.

Another tip when selecting the length of the Mother of the Bride’s attire is to coordinate with the Groom’s Mother. While the Groom’s Mother is usually dressed in a dress, the Mother of the Bride usually wears a skirt or a short dress to match. She can also wear a matching pantsuit, which she can wear with a dressy pair of heels.


Whether the Bride’s Mother is wearing a summery sundress or a classic, elegant evening gown, there are patterns for her to follow. The best way to choose the right dress for her is to look for one that will suit the venue and the season. If the wedding will take place in the springtime, a strapless dress with a striking floral pattern is the ideal choice. However, she should consider how the dress will blend with her other wardrobe pieces to achieve the best look.

Color is also an important consideration. While white, ivory, and champagne are classic colors for bridesmaids, no rule says the Bride’s Mother can’t wear any color. However, the dresses’ colors should complement the bridesmaids’ colors. The Bride’s mom should wear something unique and reflect the bridal party’s colors.

Patterns Should Complement Each Other.

When choosing a pattern for Mother of the bride attire, selecting a color and pattern that complement each other is essential. A pastel color is cheerful and exudes springtime warmth. It also goes with many colors, including blue and green. If you’d like a more dramatic look, consider a jewel tone. It gives a rich saturated color. However, these colors are more appropriate for a winter or fall wedding.

Mother-of-the-bride attire should also complement the wedding’s season and venue. A summer wedding will require a different dress from a winter wedding and vice versa.

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